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Spot 10 Differences – Venus Battle Room

Hey guys, at DolyGames Wartune we also like to play a game of “spot the difference Wartune-style” and in this installment I have prepared the “Spot 10 Differences – Venus Battle Room“, so do you think you can find them? evil grin smiley

> some you might see quick, but others… 😛 hehehe

Spot 10 Differences – Venus Battle Room

Note: it is a large high quality picture and the difficulty on this one is “VERY HARD”

Spot 10 Differences - Venus Battle Room

And I double-confirm, triple-confirm, there are exactly 10 differences between the pictures, so if you can’t find them don’t go shouting around hehehe 🙂

Feel free to post your comments below and try to do it yourself, don’t just read someone else’s answers 🙂
And if you wish to contribute similar Wartune content or other email me and if it is something nice we will publish for all the players to benefit/enjoy!

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  1. Only 6 atm :L

    • 9 now lol

      • nice, almost there 🙂

  2. found 8:/ its very hard

  3. Think I found 9 AS WELL close i wonder where the 10th is

    • 🙂

  4. 1- the # of health potions. 25 vs 50
    2- design on the line below the seconds
    3- size of the gold fish
    4- size of middle point on the night hackers symbol
    5- missing flower to the left of the guy
    6- water design in the circle on the left
    7- waist design on dress
    8- brick line, lower right
    9- the # of people in the box above the recharge, lower right
    10- the mountain line starts on the other side of the flower, upper right

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