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Sailing Wings and Windseek Wings Engulfing

Hey guys, in this post I share with you information about engulfing level 0 (zero) wings – Sailing Wings and Windseek Wings.

Level 0 Wings short background

Players who have played for years will be familiar with these wings which are no longer obtainable presently in Wartune. They are level 0 and had a lot lower stats than a “normal” set of wings and the game owners used these as a free or near-free option to make free players happy, who were unable to afford a normal set of wings. This was nice for a certain period of time until all the clothing chests and events were introduced where it was possible for all players to get many wings making these absolutely useless as wing synthesis with level 0 does not work.

Patch 5.6 effects on Level 0 wings

However, after the introduction of the new clothing engulfing system in Patch 5.6 these wings became useful again and on the screenshots below you can see that they yield +1600 EXP to clothing, which is the same amount as a normal level 1 wing. It is unclear if this is meant to be this way or if due to lack of game knowledge the game owners forgot about these, but if you do have, saved up in your basement, a set of level 0 wings then this is a great time / opportunity to get them out and engulf them for the 1600 experience.

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  1. This is one reason I have come to learn save everything. Never know what might be useful in the future. I had 2 of these wings saved from long ago.

    • high five with the fellow pack rat 🙂

  2. I actually had 3 of each these wings in my mail, so great news to me they are worth something again!

    • good stuff 🙂 glad the post helps 🙂

  3. i had 2 of those lvl 0 wings in my inventory since many months and now i engulfed them. thank you!

    • you are welcome Lazhirtya 🙂

  4. R2 was unclear,so does the Emperor’s clothing unlock at a certain level of synthesis or randomly?

    • they never specified that, so it is not known if and when in the the system that set is possible to unlock

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