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Reflecting on World Boss in Dec 2016

Hey guys, having struck the final blow to the World Boss yesterday and seeing all the congrats in the Wartune chat (which is always nice :P), I can’t help but remember that 1.7 mil reward for the final blow was a huge reward years ago. This is where all the “congrats culture” came from as this meant a great deal for the character back then. However, nowadays, 1.7 mil gold is maybe around 15% of my regular WB earning and that’s also because WB dies before even 1 round finishes.

In the past it used to take quite some time for the whole server to kill the World Boss. We even had a quest where you had to participate in the battle minimum 5 times to collect rewards. Also, when the server did manage to kill the WB in under 10 minutes his HP would grow for the next time making it again harder to kill.

All these mechanics were fun and good years ago and I don’t really know why WB has never been updated in Wartune as many other features evolved and as characters went from 30k BR to nearly 30 mil BR. So while it is still a pleasant feeling to strike the final blow I hope that the devs remember to patch up the WB soon.

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  1. hi cosmos, i know why wartune not add more hp to wb: the reply is easy: if i remember well the wb have 1,16b hp about and the flash player have an anti-hack system capped at a bit more of 2b . in fact also the gold is capped at a bit in more of 2b hp.

    wb can’t double the his hp (1,16b hp x2 do 2,30b hp about).

    i’ve writed on forum r2 of add high res to wb for have it alive for more time. wb should have a res with -90% (should be nice a permanent -90% on our damage done.

    • there is a wise saying “when there is a will there is a way”
      so if there is a limitation in 1 thing, people are creative enough to come up with other solutions like, as you mentioned, one way is to reduce our damage dealt while increasing rewards proportionally
      – Cosmos

      • All they would have to do is when first wb dies do like I’ve seen in other games and make a 2nd wb spawn and so on until time limit is done

    • that sounds reasonable, but also cosmos didnt exactly said to up hp cap, only says update it so that could mean that they could do something like altar and put several bosses or something like that 🙂

      • ya would be cool to make something more fun out of WB 🙂
        main hero in front with 4 kids in the back would be awesome 😛
        – Cosmos

      • i hope that wartune will change also the ratio damage done and rewards. but they will must change this ratio probably too often , because lastly we stay improving a lot. i do probably x10 times the damage of 1 year ago (true, i was been off for 9 months, but i’m became too strong respect to past).

      • Bro, you just took me.back.couple.of years with that 5 time participate…I took a almost 2 years break from this game, started again couple of months ago. And yes, there is a lot of ways that they can improve wb: separate kh and no kh players, make 3 bosses according to classes…only thing is are they willing to do that. And I agree with you 1.7M is nothing, I get 1.5M from 3 plants from my farm. It is really unfair this way, I can barely strike twice and the boss is dead

    • I have heard that too about the limitation but not so sure that is true. If flash has a limit of 2 bil, then how can a person have more than 3 bil daru? If 2 bil was the limit, why would anything be able to go over that limit?

      But yeah, no matter the reason for wb health not increasing, there are plenty of things they could do but like many other things they just don’t care.

      • are you sure that he have 3b daru and not 300m daru? some players not say tell the right number. i’ve noticed this very often.

        if you have right, then that i’ve told not matter… but i believe that the person have wrong to count.

      • I know it was 3 bil and not 300 mil.

      • There is no little perse in Flash. The issue is that the higher number tend to slow down the processing. That is why they now use “4000K” instead of “4000000” in combat. There is no reason they cannot increase the HP of the WB or decrease damage done. They used to scale the HP based on prior day’s damage.

      • limit… not little 🙂

  2. Does anyone know if tattoo gifts recollection in cloud city will come back?

    Why have they messed all in this patch so much, its nutz

  3. I think if wb hp increase to cater the increase on all the player attack stat, you’ll end up high stat player hitting crazy amount of gold per day on wb.

    Already one round of wb if i my damage crit, im hitting in the region of 50m to 70m gold.

    • Before the last server merge we were involved in I averaged 7-8x the gold and daru from WB that I get now. Don’t really care about the gold, but daru for troops for kids, I care about still

  4. so instead of increasing the hit points, you increase his res and mdef/pdef substantially so it slows down the kill and change the reward ratio

    gets the same effect

  5. at a moment i thought the post was about tip to use reflect skills damage on world boss 😀

  6. about you and making money (you know thats what you blame r2 for):

    searching for chinese Dragon in Google Pictures, scrolling down in results some lines brings me to this:

    looks very similar, what a coincidence …. or not?

  7. why not make WB like in legend knight? the company already owns the code. it would be a few minor tweeks

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