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Rank 7, 9 and 10 Mythic Dragon Medallion

Hey guys, in this short post we share with you the Rank 7, 9 and 10 Mythic Dragon Medallion stats. Thanks to Haru for sharing. Thanks also to Laura for the additional data.

Rank 7 Rank 8 Rank 9 Rank 10
Endurance 2470 3190 4120 5320
Block 2270 2680 3170 3750
Critical 1580 1740 1920 2120
Charisma 440 460 500 540
Intensity 7100 7390 7690 8000
Tenacity 4500 4910 5120 5340
Initial PvP Rage +15 +15 +15 +15

Rank 8, 9 and 10 Mythic Dragon Medallion

Rank 8 and 9 Mythic Dragon Medallion

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  1. Why do my comments have to be confirmed?

    • Don’t know, maybe you wrote insults or spam-like comments in the past and the system remembers you

  2. r

  3. how much honor for level 10?

    • Why dont you ask R2 mentors yourself seen you are their lap-dog.

      • 1 milion i guess

  4. wats the renew insig cost for all 3 ?

  5. The REAL question here is, HOW MANY TRUNCHEONS?!?!?!?

    i have stopped at lv4 since you ll have to spend LOADS of them which is equal to MONEY, big money.

    I remember I have seen on the internet pics of those….stupidly crazy number of truncheons IMHO
    (also forgetting you ll need honor too…)

  6. Guys I do not have more info than presented here otherwise i would report it. When/if I get more info I will be happy to share.
    – Cosmos

    • Thanks Laura, added to the article, sorry for the confusion on my side,

      • NO P HUN!

        you do soo much for us, at least have something done for u 😛 !

        pls i can give details of lower ones. (not 6 i think)

        it would be great to know something i really always wondered about:
        IS the price for empire truncheons reaaaalllly worth it??
        -i mean yes u can get them for free, that s gonna be like 2 years hopefully. but i imagine anyone has paid real money for those.
        does it really make such HUGE difference at high levels?…..mmm i dont think so, so i stopped building it up. 🙁

  7. Plus I believe amount of Truncheons has NEVER changed

  8. I have been playing Wartune for a while and I got up to lvl 80 but my BR is only 531226. I have over 10K henna yet I don’t know how to get tattoos. I am not a casher so all I get is bound balens. Can someone help me? Is there anywhere I can get somewhat of a walkthrough for non-cashers so I can get to the class advancements, tattoos and higher BR?

    • if u want my most humble opinion….CHANGE GAME NOW!

      starting …at this SAD stage of wartune is NOT a good option IF you are planning to free-play.

      on the other hand, if u REAAAAlly wish to spend money on this game…then u might have a chance of getting stronger withing a year or so.

  9. Cosmos I know this is not a question for the post but.. Can you please tell me the lvl you need to get Dragon Rider honor title? Can’t find that info.
    I’m 56 and stuck in LD and still not stronger for 60. Thank You.

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