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Players Shake their Heads on the V5.8 Survey

Hey guys, so it seems that the powers that be in Wartune are finally learning to think about listening to players after I sent them dozens of survey results showing what players think about various aspects of the game. So, occasionally, they also decide to run a survey claiming that “player feedback is important to them”, to which one player (Paul) replied:

“player feedback is important to you”…. that’s so funny you should be a stand-up comic, I’m still laughing at that comment”

Anyways, back to the purpose of this post which is to highlight that these people have no idea about the game they are running. Now why would I say something like that? This is because from the 12 questions which they have put in their “Wartune V5.8 Gameplay Survey” about half of them (5-6) are totally invalid.

Invalid Questions

Are you satisfied with the new Eudaemon: Blood Demon?

Invalid. Nobody has it as they did not put it in the game, so nobody can give a satisfaction report on it.
(and even if they put it on sale only few will pay cash to buy it)

(funny last option = f. I haven’t obtained this Eudaemon, which normally everyone answering the survey should select and then they will have dozens of meetings thinking how come nobody has it until one bright light bulb will realize that they never offered it to players)

  • What’s your opinion about the Outland Contest?

  • Are you satisfied with the current event time for Outland Contest?

  • Would you prefer an Outland Contest on the weekend?

  • The Outland Contest opens on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays starting at 10 a.m. Every 4 hours an event will open with a total of 4 events. How does this event arrangement work for you?

Invalid questions. Nobody has had a chance to try it as this was not added in the game. So how can players give feedback?
(But they don’t play the game and they don’t know the game so these are perfectly good questions for them)

Hard to Tell

Are you satisfied with the feature in which you obtain EXP for logging in?

This one is harder to figure out. Either they know they have killed all the camper players and are checking what is the backlash or they have no idea what they have done and are just asking for compliments for giving extra “rewards”.

OK Questions

  • Are you satisfied with Wartune 5.8?

  • What are your favorite Patch 5.8 features? choices: a. Voyage, b. Blood Inferno, c. Outland Contest, d. New Titans, e. Kitten Club, f. Smelting Equipment, g. VIP/New Spirit Covenant Privileges, h. New Eudaemon – Blood Demon, i. Devotion Adjustment. (Blood Inferno is not a 5.8 feature.)

  • Do you like the Kitten Club adjustments?

  • Are you satisfied with the Voyage system?

  • Are you satisfied with the VIP and Spirit Covenant adjustments?

Valid questions.
(Only one wonders if anything would be adapted based on player feedback.)

Player Reactions to this Survey

  • Various complaints on the new devotion system which forces players to be online at specific times of the day.
  • “you never listen to ur consumers so why give us a survey lol”
  • Player comments that the Outland Contest is not out so questions are silly.
    • “haha they had like 3 questions about outland contest , why put a survey out when events havn’t even started.”

Recommendations to Wartune Powers

  • Learn your game.
  • Play your game daily.
  • Use the people who know the game and play the game to create surveys and/or answer players.

P.S. Our Wartune 5.8 Survey

We already had a survey up and running. At the moment of writing this we have 355 votes with 32% choosing “good progress” for the patch, 27% neutral, which is not a good score of performance for the patch, but otherwise, finally I am happy to see more happy people with more positive options being on the higher end of the survey. Here it is, feel free to vote or look at the results of the votes:

What is your excitement level 1 week before or in the first weeks of Wartune Patch 5.8?

View Results

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  1. As to the outland contest, I did have a chance to play it.. I am on Wartune S101 and we had patch a week or so before everyone else did. I thought it was ok. Its the only way to earn outland crystals which you can exchange for smelting stones. It is really just 4 guilds battling each other 4 times in one day. Its player vs player when you attack or you can spend your energy on blessing so your guildues who are attacking have better protection or attack power. It is a 30 minute event if you are playing and attacking but for my part I find it boring and forget its going more often than I was participating. I gave my energy most times to blessing for my guildies.

    • I like everything but the getting EXP level 4 exp scrolls are hard to come by. R2 could of went with using exp scrolls in spire nm cause if can use them in tok nm campians mp then exp scrolls should be there to. I need the exp big time I am so close of getting my talents maxed but as you know it’s not enough

      • I used a 1000% XP scroll yesterday and went up 4 levels. One thing to note is you should only be doing Epic Campaigns. I had 4 Extreme Stamina potions and being able to do 20 Epic lvl 80 Campaigns with the Lvl 4 XP Scroll gives you mega XP!

      • great idea to gain extra exp. i followed your advice, thanks

      • Yeah, the exp is awesome from using a level 4 scroll. Did all my runs with one on and being vip, I got 847 mil exp from one floor of tok nm.

  2. I have said this long ago and I am sure many others have as well, they don’t know how their own game works and this just proves it.

    I will say this, they do seem to be listening to the players in a way. I think making event dungeons weekly is the best thing they have done even though they want you to do them daily and actually have to fight for devotion, which I know can be skipped. Also people complained about knighthood being too hard to reach so they lowered the requirements, which is why I am knighted now.

    Overall I think this patch is pretty good, farm stuff is much quicker to navigate. Yeah there are some bugs, mostly which are minor from what I have seen except for the fashion cores being removed from csgb shop, but maybe that was intentional, who knows. To me seems more positive changes then bad changes.

    In a way it seems like they are listening to the players but then again it doesn’t. For example, the friends button, that could be a simple fix putting it back where it was but they don’t. Although they did improve on it, it does flash when you get a new pm now.

  3. the new eudeamon is in spender recharge gift pack if u recharge 100k balans

  4. Dont forget 1 winner will get

    1M Gold,(u get more from weekly runs)
    Henna x300,(you get 300 per day from henna labs)
    Soul Seal x20,(maxed out anyway so useless )
    Monthly Chest x5 ( you wont win wings or mount from them as drop rate is below the 000000.0001%)

    • yep rewards are low…nothing special

  5. It is possible to avoid the login experience. So campers must not die.

    • How can we avoid login exp plz tell me

      • I believe that trick is simply by not logging out, but technically that would fall into “abuse” category by the powers that be.
        – Cosmos

      • That actually wouldn’t work on day’s with maintenance, and unless you have a bloody high power computer, it would give it to you anyway when you refresh.

        Would probably give it to you as soon as the daily reset hit, so really no way to avoid it other than not logging in at all.

  6. need change to reward shadow soul in tok not double

    • Should be 7x but isn’t. That bug has been reported.

  7. Nope. Bloody inferno is 5.8 feature..

    • no, in patch 5.8 is only modified

  8. Outland contest should be called Balen contest, I was very excited about this new feature but after my first participation i’d was totally disappointed

  9. Generally I like this patch, there are some great improvements. And it seems that they really did do something to address the lag. However, they really nerfed devotion. Everyone thought we would be getting some time back by runs being weekly, but they are all in devo, so I see people spending time on them to get the devo. And now out guild has made rules for GB and beast trying to give folks the opportunity to hit ward and hit the beast in order to get devo. GB still ended in less than a middle, so everyone who was in their did not get to hit ward, so didn’t get devo (at least according to what I’m being told, although it looks like I got some for being in a battle).

  10. i had tried the outland contest too on test server…was okay…until i found out it has limited time…

    so the next will be on 15 July (for all servers)…i think is lame thinking about the returns for that limited time period…

    i maybe wrong…hope it ran for a month 😀

  11. like in every patch when they bring new stuff for every single good change they ruin a minimum of 2 other things

    new kitten club ? better

    > new devo system big BS
    > weekly dungeons for devo ? suuuuper have to do it every day, more than useless
    > harbour/voyage ? both good and bad: system is ok, to get stuff for sylph, but since running (ok didnt look there every hour) only got 2 “useful” runs (have to use dragon essence and the useless chrystal, of course sold most stacks 2 months before but got some from dimensions) mostly they want mount whips of res chrystals to spend and whata a surprise both things im sure more than 90 % of all players till need to max out their stable/attributes and resistances

    so not sure what to think about patch, not seen all, but some is good, others is quitte ok, others just s.uck
    just few example

  12. I think the overwhelming favorite thing about patch 5.8 is only having to do tok/spire/bloddy inferno, Dragon invasion once a week and it isn’t even an option in this survey. 🙂

  13. ahh.. guys ?
    any one having loading problems in game today ?

    • Seems OK on my side. And I did not see anyone complaining.
      – COSMOS

  14. well, I think overall the patch has good additions and some that are a waist of time. 1st I’ll say this, making most of the runs weekly was a mistake, On what was regular run’s, if you figure it up on exp, you are loosing exp not making runs each day. Plus the fact that I have to do runs ToK, Spire, Dragon Invasion, BI, ect. where we get no exp, gold, or other items for a run that takes time to do with no reward. waist of my time!!!!!!. and the devotion is bull. They need to change so no-one has to do everything to make the devotion complete, I think devotion is too difficult. They 7Road/R2,Wartune want to many completions of runs for devotion. The kitten club, works easier, that the best I have for that. DI is funny, but for the time it takes to run, they need to add items, for cracking all them damn eggs, LMAO. VIP, and Spirit covenant are better.

  15. There are a few ways to get to 300 everyday. You can form a group of 4 using no attempt for Cross-server matching. It give you 15 devotion without using an attempt. You can also get daily credit for your weekly events by helping someone else out. So long a single player has an attempt you will get credit for it if you help them. Only issue right now is that Guild Battle is not giving the devotion.

    • I believe you need to get points in GB in order for you to get devotion. That generally means finishing a fight, which can be difficult due to lag and the fact that GB lasts a minute or two for many.

  16. why so many talk bad about new devotion? it give awesome rewards expecially for free players who don’t pay vip (vip give extra exp bonus) is nice to have more exp for free.

    • Because it is so hard to reach 300 if you are not vip and impossible on non gb days. Non vip players have to do everything on the list to get 300, miss one thing and you don’t get 300. It’s nice that they made event dungeons weekly but dumb they make you run them daily and actually have to fight to get devotion.

    they gave us s*** for years and now they ask after such small improvements: do you like it?

    THe answer is….SURE!!!!
    explination: I ve been in Auschwitz for 3 years now, if you let me have a meal a day….IM SUPER HAPPY!!

    hemm…am i the only one seeing the tatoo as the death of wartune as we knew it????

    I mean….requirements are over the top…..!!
    [and such “requirements/money” had NEVER been found in such fashion in Wartune—-strangeeeeely enough]
    -i mean u can buy adv mahra to go red, yet it is NOT a F**** REQUIREMENT

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