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Only 21% of people are shown our posts on Facebook

Hey guys, in this short post we just wanted to bring to the awareness of people using Facebook that Facebook does not show you all content when you “Like” a page. On this simple chart you can see that only about 21% of people who “Liked” our page are shown what we post on Facebook.

Please note, we do not have a problem with Facebook, we just want to let you know that if you want to see 100% of all our (or any other Facebook page’s) free posts then the only way is if you manually visit the Facebook Page or the related website or sign up on an email newsletter, because a lot of owners of Facebook Pages who provide free content for people don’t have the money to pay to Facebook to advertise the content to reach more people.

The percentages on the chart are % of people reached out of total page likes.

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  1. I have a question, if i save my spire chest Even patch 5.8, Will remain??PLZ answer

    • We all hope so, we all plan for that, but we will only know for sure once it arrives on normal servers.
      Chances are high if history can be used as evidence.

      • thx Cosmos

    • If you are saving them in the hopes that after patch all your chests will be worth 7 times rewards, then I doubt it. Most likely new reward chest is a new item.

      • There is no proof of that Pickle. Only we know that historically this did work, they never made new chests in the past, so we can only wait to see what they do.

  2. i always copy and paste sorta seemed obvouse to me, also pickle in the last changes to chests including when the eudy chests became unavailable if u had saved them YOU GOT THE NEW rewards, BUT due to R2’s stupidty over this sight i can see them maybe not doingso this time, but then again they are damned lazy so i cant see why not

  3. well we would show yr post if we could copy and past it but u have everything on lock down. ppl don’t want all information just part of it. And every time I come to this website a pop up box comes up wanting u to join. I have joined I don’t need to see it every time

    • Hi Bliss, no no, this post is not about people showing posts. When we (or anyone else) publish something on Facebook, then Facebook does not show this to everyone who liked the page, that’s all we are trying to say. So if you are a fan and want to see everything we publish, if you look only on Facebook then Facebook will show you only 1 out of 5 posts in average according to the shown calculation. So we are just saying that if you want to make sure that you see all posts then you have to manually visit the blog and/or our facebook page.
      We do not have a problem with Facebook, they are doing this to earn money and everyone has the right to earn money, we are just sharing this so our fans don’t miss our posts.

      P.S. the copy protection we put in place because too much of our content was stolen and published on other sites in the past without giving us any credit.
      P.P.S. the free newsletter window program normally should show only 1 time to new visitor. If that program is malfunctioning I guess we have to somehow fix it or delete it then 🙁 🙁 🙁

  4. i do not use facebook and never plan to.

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