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Mistakes or Problems with 16 NOV Events

Hey everyone! This is a post for 16 NOV 2018 Wartune Events but in a discussion format + video, because I feel like maybe the Wartune Team is making mistakes.

First sign of issues was that they did not load the new events for about 4 hours. I posted a picture of the empty Hot Events on my social pages earlier today to share that. That in itself is a moderately worrying sign for me, but it is not the end of the world – it did happen a bunch of times in the past, so I just waited until they realize that they have not done their job and load the events.

Then they started adding the events one by one. The Wartune’s top menu items went crazy running / circling around and the Hot Events counter was adding like 1 event per few seconds until the full configuration was loaded. That’s an expected behavior when an employee is urgently taking live action. The normal way when they did not forget to setup the events is that they would load them up in a previous week or at least 24 hours in advance and then everything arrives at once without any flashes / craziness.

Now about why i think there could be mistakes / problems:

  1. They loaded up the same Wheel of Fate / Sky Trail configuration we had just recently. Maybe the boss was screaming copy/paste/load anything ready fast.
  2. The Shop free chest is the old Air Balloon (although I think they will fix this by tomorrow).
  3. The Lucky Exchange “Pennants” has no pennants…
  4. Both Lucky Exchanges have the previous cycle’s Tomatoes mini-event item but the Tomato Exchange counters have not been reset. Again this could be something they can fix relatively soon.
  5. I had also expected either the Cast Stones event or the Dragonchant one or basically 1 more “normal” one that did not show up.

New Event items:

  • The new main item is the Thank-you Envelope:
  • And the mini item is the Yarn Ball:

Last Words + Events video:

Anyways, hopefully everything will be fixed / better tomorrow. Poop happens – not the end of the world. Just be careful when doing events or using event items – double check to make sure all is correct.

And here is the video with the full event details:

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  1. hi doly,

    is this round piles are back to normal items?

    • the city collection piles – yes, just regular rewards for now

  2. no flash sale too xD

    • oh yeah, right, thanks for the observation

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