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The Missing Wartune Events of 6 October 2017 Appeared

Hey everyone! Today Wartune Events were missing like i reported on DolyGames Wartune facebook page, but finally they have appeared. It’s already nighttime here so I am just going to share the video showing the events and I want to highlight 1 important point:

Good news – Clothing Shards are back

In Wartune Events 6 October 2017 the Clothing Shards are back in the Lucky Exchange!
I did send 2 emails about this issue to my Wartune contact so i don’t know if it was due to my actions that this was “fixed” / done / re-inserted or if other people also reported/explained to them, but in any case it is good news for all players!

VIDEO: Wartune Events 6 October 2017

Here is the video of the events. You can also enlarge if needed or watch it on youtube:

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google

Matched Links from DolyGames Sites / Google


  1. who cares wartunes just cost me 1k chests, are we gona get them back for clothing shards

    • not sure you can blame the loss of 1k chests on them – there was plenty of time to use the chests until Event Chest #1 expired
      and there are still 1-2 days left on the not-so-interesting exchanges in case you totally forgot to exchange at least can get something like clothing items for 30 per chest
      – COSMOS

  2. seem like different way to drop those Clothing Shards in hard part. lol

    • yes it’s gonna be a lot harder this way, but i am happy we got them to re-add
      otherwise it would be near to impossible to get more clothing shards
      – COSMOS

  3. Rip 1178 chests 🙂

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