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Maze Puzzle – Frost Unicorn’s Escape

Hey guys, here is another fun challenge from DolyGames Wartune, “Frost Unicorn’s Escape Maze“, for all of you who love solving maze puzzles. You can see the puzzle below and I will put a link to the solved maze at the bottom in case you give up, but please, for your own brain’s sake, don’t cheat – the whole fun and brain training comes from solving it yourself! 🙂

Entrance is normally at the top center and exit is at the bottom center, but you can do in reverse also if you wish. Good luck!

Maze Puzzle – Frost Unicorn’s Escape

(click picture to enlarge)

Ok, and as promised, if you have totally given up, you can find the solution to this maze puzzle here.

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  1. Made it!, just go from end to start 🙂

    • 🙂

  2. Guys, totally unrelated question, but i dont know who else to ask about this.
    I have been playing on my toon for 3 years. This morning everything was fine, now, when i tried to log in, they asked me to pick toon (mage, archer or knight), and i have been playing as a knight all this time. Does that mean that my account was deleted?
    What can i do? Thanks in advance, any help would be nice

    • Heya, normally there is no delete function and if someone did something really bad they would get a ban – not deletion, so contact game support to try to get help – your description is really weird.
      Best of luck,

      • oh if you were by any chance playing on “old” platforms which were shut down then those people only had a limited time to apply for account recovery, so if that’s your case then indeed the account would be gone, but this only applies to very specific players

      • Sorry, english is not my native,maybe because of that i sounded weird. It was all good this morning, i have played, did my daily stuff, logged out. Got back after couple of hours, typed in my email and password-and then *pic a toon* showed up. Dont know why, but it seems to me that they want me to start over from beginning.
        Tried with restarting my pc, didnt worked, tried to log in via different browser, didnt work.
        Yea, i know about that transfer time and those servers that were shot down, but i played this morning…im on R2…
        Thanks for help guys, ill try to contact them but i’ll need luck with that

  3. Sorry, english is not my native, maybe that’s why it sounded weird. Anyway, i’ll try to be more specific about that. I was playing completely normal, did my daily check in, blitz, everything, then i logged out and left. Couple of hours later, i came back, entered my email, password and all of the sudden *pick a toon* message appeared. I know about that acc. transfer thing, but i have played without any problem, up untill now. I did noticed one thing, when i log in, and that “last played on” message pop out, i can see that it is changed somehow. Does that mean that im pn the different server now? Really have no idea what to do(or what I possibly did to mess things up). Thanks Cosmos and Dolyteam

    • tough situation, i don’t know if anyone knows the answer, i suggest use some dummy email to open a totally different account so that you can submit a ticket to the game support and explain your situation and hopefully they will support you
      really weird stuff….
      best of luck to you

    • Are you able to select the right server? Do you use browser or client to play? If client, mini client or r2 client?

      • I’m playing via google chrome, on R2. I cant choose server, game just start and forces me to pick a toon. The second i type in my login data i get sent to pick toon. Yea, i admit that it is weird, just dont know how to solve it

  4. I’m send drunk snake for help. From start to end was a little frustrating.

    Thx for some fun.

    • hehe good job! 🙂

    • nice 🙂

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