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Maximum Gain from Dimensions the Lazy Way

Hey guys, in this short and useful guide on Wartune Dimensions, Deneb explains / shares his strategy for maximum gain the lazy way for you to benefit from (thanks!), so check it out, share with your friends and comment your thoughts / opinions if any.

Dimension Floor Decay

(Cosmos Note: floor = section = level = stage: different people use different names for the dimension levels)

I am super lazy when it comes to dimensions.  I did a calculation to help get the most out of each dimension with minimal work each day.

Dimension rewards can be calculated as follows:

Minimum Rewards: 100% / Floor Decay (rounded up)

Where we know Floor Decay is:

  • 0.625% in Expert Dimension
  • 1.768% in Advanced Dimension
  • 4.535% in Intermediate Dimension
  • 9.11% in Basic Dimension

So for an Expert Dimension the minimum reward is 100/0.625 = 160 floor-days worth.

Getting Beyond Maximum Gain

The dimension does not expire until that last reward is collected so it is possible to get more than 160. To maximize rewards, collect (in the Expert Dimension case) 159 rewards and then complete the dimension to get 30 rewards on the last day for a total of 189.

That is a difference of 29 rewards – 1 floor short of a day’s worth of a completed dimension.

How to Occupy Floors

How you get to 159 doesn’t matter, but be ready to complete the dimension on that last day. How do I get to 159? I complete 6 floors on the first day (early floors are easier with only 1 tower per floor). Then I complete 3 floors per day up to level 27, then I rest a day at that level (27) and finally, the next day I finish the dimension (3 more floors). As shown on the table below:

Level 1 Day 1
Level 2 Day 1
Level 3 Day 1
Level 4 Day 1
Level 5 Day 1
Level 6 Day 1
Level 7 Day 2
Level 8 Day 2
Level 9 Day 2
Level 10 Day 3
Level 11 Day 3
Level 12 Day 3
Level 13 Day 4
Level 14 Day 4
Level 15 Day 4
Level 16 Day 5
Level 17 Day 5
Level 18 Day 5
Level 19 Day 6
Level 20 Day 6
Level 21 Day 6
Level 22 Day 7
Level 23 Day 7
Level 24 Day 7
Level 25 Day 8
Level 26 Day 8
Level 27 Day 8
Level 28 Day 10
Level 29 Day 10
Level 30 Day 10

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  1. I prefere 9 on first day then rest on second day, that leaves it at under 1% on the last day, its almost completely maximized and it makes it possible to keep 5 expert up most days (some days 4 finished + 9 on 5th)

    • that works too 🙂 i think the difference between yours and Deneb’s is that he said he is lazy and wants to do minimum per day 🙂

  2. i’ve understood nothing

    • you are welcome to ask questions

  3. 5 exp.dimen. is for vip9 only?

    • Yes, VIP only

  4. what kind of funky calculation is that? i dont see any proof for what u talk.

    mixing decay with rewards doesnt make it right.

    as many other stuff, for me seems pretty useless

    • If something is not clear you are welcome to ask a question about it.

      If you wish to see the floor decay you can enter any dimension, do 1 level and exit and look at the percentage change.

      This is a very good guide by Deneb for maximizing rewards for people who play with the same playstyle (lazy) as he does. Again, if something is not clear you can ask a question.


    • There is nothing to prove, every level gives the same amount of shards as any other level, and every level adds the same amount of decay as any other level, so the only goal to maximize rewards is to get it as close to 0% as possible without hitting 0% and then finish the dimension.

      • you are very stupid son

  5. percent completion really depends on your goal for that dim.

    If your goal is not the crap you pick up from walking each floor, then doing an expert a day is not unrealistic. it’s not lazy but not hard to do if you save up energy, which again, is very easy to do.

  6. is not good to finish exp dim in 1 day?

    • It depends on your play-style (activity especially in dimensions) + number of available coordinates.

      This guide is for getting max benefit in a more lazy play-style.


  7. Dims that r not complete does not give u the actual thing that dims r good for, which is reduce RES, not finishing them gives u a slight boost against that sylph that is associated with ur dim. If u r that lazy maybe a different game is in order

    • Hi Doom, what you describe is something for a very active player who is doing dimensions to the maximum daily. A lot of players are sick of doing dimensions and this is a guide for getting maximum benefit while allowing oneself to be lazy.

  8. I can understand the calculation, very good, but I dont understand what you mean with rewards
    what rewards?
    can you explain me with more detail please?
    sorry for that, I don’t speak english

    • Oh each floor you conquer in any dimension gives you res/will crystal reward daily while at the same time taking life from your dimension according to the percentages shown per dimension type.

  9. One problem I’ve had with waiting to complete the dimension on the last day is if you find a balen mine on the last day. The dimension will expire before you get all balen rewards. It doesn’t happen often but it DOES happen.

    • But you still get the balens no?

      • I could be wrong, but I don’t think you get the full amount of balens if you find one on the last day.

      • This is correct. Therefore one must decide for oneself whether the chance for balens is a priority over one’s laziness.

      • I just found a balen mine with only 13% left it expired next day but balen mine was still open still collecting I got the full 480balens

      • Unfortunately you only get a percentage of the balens when a dimension expires. So if the dimension has 6 hours to go before expiry (25% of one day) you will only get 25% of the balen mine’s total value in your mail.

      • Thanks for clarifying Bloodlust, so coming back to the original question this choice or this very small risk is up to players to take or not.

      • Not true I only had hours maybe 3 before reset an on a normal balen mine you get 480 an after my Dim expired the mine continued to collect 24hrs total it finished I got all my balens

  10. So do we need to explore every square or is this just for taking towers? I’m all for the laziest way possible in Dims!

    • This guide is only about occupation, so Trials or Exploration are totally up to you. Lazy people usually completely skip these.

  11. Do you have to click on every square in the dimension and finish every square or can you just get the posts using your energy to find the post. Or do you have to go completely through every square to complete? Never was completely sure how that worked

    • This guide is only about occupation, so Trials or Exploration are totally up to you. Lazy people usually completely skip these.

    • You do not need to click on every square. Just get the posts and move on to next level.

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