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Level 55 PvP set VS. the 50 PvE set.

(Posted by iamop)

I’ve considered doing the comparison as a image, but I’m really bad using Photoshop. Reading is good for you 😀

Basic pros and cons:

Level 55 PvP set (Pontiff, Eradication, and Leopteryx sets)


  • Ignores 2K PDEF/MDEF; a 1K DMG boost
  • Initial Rage Minimum +30
  • Extra 3K HP from END boost
  • Slightly better stats than 50 set 


  • Rage Buildup is extremely slow for mages; slightly slower for archers and knights
  • MDEF/PDEF ignorance is removed against bosses
  • Stats are worse than 50 Legend set
  • No extra gem socket

Level 50 PvE set (Magister, Harpy, and Titan sets)


  • Extremely fast rage buildup (10 extra after each move)
  • Damage increased by 300
  • Legend set has better stats than 55 PvP set
  • Legend set has extra gem socket


  • No Initial Rage without clothing
  • No HP boost from PvP set
  • No MDEF/PDEF ignorance
  • 50 set has slightly worse stats than 55 set
  • After smithing to Legend quality, refines are removed.

Stat comparison

Note that this information may not be completely correct; completely off Wartune Wiki

55 PvP set:

Max Enchantment Level: +18

Eradication SwordLeopteryx CrossbowPontiff Staff
Enchanting bonus: +900 PATK/MATK

Eradication HelmetLeopteryx HelmetPontiff Hat
+263 PDEF
+263 MDEF
Enchanting bonus: +563 PDEF, +563 MDEF
Eradication ArmorLeopteryx ArmorPontiff Robe
+327 PDEF
+327 MDEF
 Enchanting bonus: +678 PDEF, +678 MDEF
+465 PDEF
+196 MDEF
Enchanting bonus: +927 PDEF, +442 MDEF
+465 MDEF
+196 PDEF
Enchanting bonus: +927 MDEF, +442 PDEF

Eradication BroochLeopteryx BroochPontiff Brooch
+1038 HP
Enchanting bonus: +1958 HP

50 PvE set

Max Enchantment Level: +18 (Legendary Status +27)

Titan SwordHarpy CrossbowMagister Staff
Enchanting bonus: +802 PATK/MATK

Legendary Status:
Legendary Titan SwordLegendary Harpy CrossbowLegendary Magister Staff
Enchanting bonus: +1204 PATK/MATK

Titan HelmetHarpy CapMagister Hat
+232 PDEF
+232 MDEF
Enchanting bonus: +507 PDEF, +507 MDEF

Legendary Status:
 Legendary Titan HelmetLegendary Harpy CapLegendary Magister Hat
Enchanting bonus: +761 PDEF, +761 MDEF

Titan ArmorHarpy ArmorMagister Robe
+288 PDEF
+288 MDEF
Enchanting bonus:
+409 PDEF
+172 MDEF
Enchanting bonus:
+826 PDEF, +401 MDEF
+490 MDEF
+172 PDEF
Enchanting bonus:
+826 MDEF, +401 PDEF
Legendary Status:
Legendary Titan ArmorLegendary Harpy ArmorLegendary Magister Robe
Enchanting bonus:
Archer: Unknown (Need help here)
Knight: +1239 PDEF, +599 MDEF
Mage: +1239 MDEF, +599 PDEF

Titan BroochHarpy BroochMagister Brooch
+914 HP
Enchanting bonus: +1735 HP

Legendary Status:
Legendary Titan BroochLegendary Harpy BroochLegendary Magister Brooch
Enchanting bonus: +2602 HP

What does this all mean?

Well, the most basic thing you should know is that the PvP set is useless after level 60-ish (probably 65) However, the 50 Legend set is better in stats in every way compared to the 55 PvP set.

Basically in normal PvE cases:
Legend PvE Set > PvP Set
PvE Set < PvP Set

However, the PvP set can outdamage the Legend set by 200 points in PvP uses; therefore it’s a PvP set. The 2K PDEF/MDEF ignorance is essentially a 1K damage upgrade and the PvE a mere 300.

So in PvP cases:
PvP Set > Legend PvE Set
PvP Set > PvE Set

It also depends on your playstyle. If you want a initial rage minimum (for abilities like Suntoria and Agoran Shield) then the PvP set is for you. If you want immense rage buildup, then the PvE set is for you. It all depends on your playstyle.

General rule:
PvP Set < Legend PvE Set + Clothes
Clothes give you Initial Rage, so it nullifies the PvP set’s Initial Rage. The better stats on the Legend set make them outdamage the PvP set’s PDEF/MDEF ignorance, so this rule is generally correct.

Another general rule after reading comments:
PvP Set is for burst damage
PvE Set is for long-term damage
Hope you like my guide!


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