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Jewel Hunt Gathered Treasures

Hey guys, pre-patch when Jewel Hunt was always on and we could play it every day and gather rewards, I had amassed a lot of items over months and when the patch came and Jewel Hunt was removed I totally forgot about it and got scared that I might have lost everything, but luckily I did not. What happened instead, as some of you might already know by now, is that everything went to my mailbox and it was a lot of items… seeing that (screenshots below) and rewards from other events like level 30+ Fishing, one can really understand what a big amount of rewards the devs took away from free players on the last patch update.

Honestly, I don’t even know if they know about this, perhaps they thought to reduce complexity and make it more fun by offering different mini-games each week, but the reality remains that free players lost a huge amount of daily rewards due to last patch which removed the daily mini-games.

You can still gather rewards today in Jewel Hunt but only for 1 week, so not a big deal.

All the rewards from Jewel Hunt that got sent to my mail

Note again that I was collecting these a long time, over months (because i didn’t really need the items urgently as there were no events forcing me to use them).

Jewel Hunt Inventory Cosmos 4 Jewel Hunt Inventory Cosmos 3 Jewel Hunt Inventory Cosmos 2 Jewel Hunt Inventory Cosmos 1

And here just for reference all the item descriptions of above in Jewel Hunt:

Jewel Hunt Lucky Silver Chest Jewel Hunt Lucky Iron Chest Jewel Hunt Lucky Gold Chest Jewel Hunt Lucky Copper Chest Jewel Hunt Lucky Ancient Chest Jewel Hunt Lost Treasure of Balenor 2 Jewel Hunt Lost Treasure of Balenor 1 Jewel Hunt Lost Soul Crystal Chest Jewel Hunt Lost Runestone Chest Jewel Hunt Lost Mount Training Chest

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