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Illegal Theft from Players who purchased Lord of Time

Hey guys, we just noticed that there was a silent change on the Lord of Time (and other Spirit Covenant cards) where they removed the 30 day benefit and converted it, without the permission or agreement of players, to a 4 day Spirit Covenant. Those cards are also no longer sold in the shop.

100% Illegal

This is 100% illegal theft of money and breach of contract as the players who have purchased 30 day duration Lord of Time have specifically purchased that item in exchange for the specified service. And now, absolutely silently and without any communication they have destroyed this 30 day benefit and converted it into an unwanted 4 day Spirit Covenant to which not a single player’s agreement was asked.


For example a player from my server had purchased 3 x Lord of Time for 90 days benefit which were in his inventory. He messaged me to look at it and indeed they have been illegally converted to just 4 days of Spirit.

Create Tickets

We suggest players to create tickets for the game support and demand the benefit for which they have paid. Please post in the comments if you managed to get a resolution from the game support to help other players understand what these companies are doing.

Update 1 July 2016

Following tickets created by players regarding this illegal action they have admitted their hidden/silent update which was not part of any communication and have said that they will compensate all these players, so if you have not yet created a ticket go ahead and create one and claim your compensation:

“Since we removed the single purchase option for Spirit Covenant in Version 5.8, we will be offering compensation to players who purchased single Spirit Covenant buffs before Version 5.8 update (Wartune GM)”

Area of Concern for Light Cashers

Those Wartune players who did not have enough money to pay full memberships or did not want to pay the full memberships and purchased the small benefits in the past, from now on, will have no other choice – either pay full amount or not. So this is something each light casher player has to consider for themselves.

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  1. no thats not illegal, it is written in the terms of service

    you have accept the terms when you made an account there so its 100% legal

    • What a fucking idiot! People get robbed and you are defending them and quoting their Terms of Service.
      Go grow a fucking heart you moron and go learn that their Terms of Service do not go above the law. But probably you are too stupid to understand that.

      • no they dont get robbed, r2 changed an ingameitem, what is absolute legal, and it is written in the terms of service that they can do it

        you should better read the terms before you accept them, and if you dont agree with them, than dont accept them.

      • Like it or not, the besserwisser has a point. What they did was extremely f’d up, but it’s not ‘illegal’ by any stretch of the imagination; and R2 doesn’t ‘have’ to do anything.

      • While it should be illegal to change a contract (TOS) it currently is not. Yeh it is jacked up if they do not do a refund etc. But here’s the thing legally speaking they have no need to do so. The only way they could be held liable is if for example they included something to the effect that they will not modify items already in players inventory. But even then so long as they have we reserve the right to modify these terms in the TOS and then change the TOS when they make a change to a in game item they are legally covered. But feel free to try and get a lawyer to take the case if enough contact the same firm they might get a class action suit going though it would likely be a failure in court. R2 could simply say they adjusted a in game item that was far to powerful for the games current conditions and out the case goes.

      • LoL, so go ahead and sue them in chinese court! 😀 i wish u luck!

      • besserwiser is correct. The actual quotes from the TOS are:

        You agree that you have no right or title in or to any such content, including without limitation the virtual goods or currency appearing or originating in the Games, or any other attributes associated with any account.


        We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to change the in-game value of Virtual Currency, amount of Virtual Currency needed to purchase in-game items, or remove items in-game that can be obtained with Virtual Currency.

      • TOS does not supersede the real law of countries. People just have a poor understanding of Contract Law and all related. A company is legally obliged to provide the services which have been purchased.
        – Cosmos

    • it’s a fucking scam in disguise

  2. r2 theft money from players. even if the game platform is their, the money is from players, so is steal. if you paid for get one thing, they must give you that thing you bought. so, yes, i agree, is illegal what they done without permission.

    • you paid for the diamonds, and you got the diamonds, so you got what you have paid for
      than you changed the diamonds you boght into an item and in the terms of services is written that they can change the ingame items, so it is absolute legal

      and you dint only get the lord of time you got all bonuses

      • ok thanks for clarification. i didn’t remember (long time i don’t cash) need balens to exchange spirit covenant, i thought for activate it needed to pay directly like for activate vip.

  3. Well I didn’t receive less Spirit Covernant from patch still have the same amount as before 🙂

    • Yes this post is not about Spirit Covenant.

  4. 4 days but are getting a full spirit covenant bonus, you are getting all bonus from covenant, check the whole description

    • The players who purchased Lord of Time did not purchase or request the “other benefits” for 7.5 times less duration. Those players selected exactly which item they are purchasing, which is a specific benefit for 30 days.
      Illegally robbing these players from their purchase and not providing the services which are contractually agreed is theft / breach of contract.
      – Cosmos

  5. LOL another idiotic opening which true reason is make more bad blood about devs. Pathetic. And now prolly you will remove this comment as well like many others lol.

    • It is nice that you make yourself laugh, then you can keep yourself amused.

      Here are presented clear FACTS. Has nothing to do with any blood or any devs. If you have any evidence whatsoever to disprove these facts you are more than welcome to present it.

      Regarding your 2nd idiotic comment which has no basis whatsoever, you are free to claim any idiotic thing you want, but it does not make it true.

      – Cosmos

      • Your facts is to cry every post about devs and yet you playing 24/7 this game and live for this blog. Go figure lol.

      • Yet another idiotic statement not based on any facts.
        1) I do not cry.
        2) I do not play this game 24/7.
        3) I do not live for this blog.
        But please, continue to entertain yourself more with more stupid statements, I don’t mind.
        – Cosmos

      • Stop feeding that troll 😀

  6. It appears they converted my 40 days of autofarm, monster finder, and whatever else I had to a 20 day spirit cov. Not sure if that is apples to apples, but that’s what I got.

    • Hi Benji, thanks for sharing. Yes that is related. They made obsolete the other items and converted into Spirit Covenant. The problem especially for people who purchase the sub-items is that they could not afford for example Spirit Covenant so they decided to purchase a smaller benefit for a longer duration and now they get cheated out of this and forced to pay a higher price without any agreement or communication.
      – Cosmos

  7. Well, I understand your rant and such, but this particular time besserwisser is absolutely right – such behavior is clearly written in TOS. But this does not change the fact that players got screwed one more time. Maybe tickets will help, but I doubt it.

  8. I had purchased lord of time maybe 6 days before patch. I had 24 days left on it but they gave me 24 days of sprit cov not ganna complain about it but seems dif things happening to diff people

  9. You had it in inventory? As those who had it activated, they upgraded it to full Spirit

    • Yeah… they increased my Spirit Covenant to 96 days to compensate me for the changes. I think they did well for most of us.

    • yep it was in the inventory, not activated

  10. Even if it’s written in the agreement, there is such a thing as fair business practices. They can’t have a tiny clause that no one can see that allows them to remove something you already purchased. A company can’t sell you 30 eggs and then steal away 26 of them AFTER you purchased them. Their clause may not be entirely legal because I’m sure a lawyer would have a field day with that (depending on jurisdiction).

    Just realized I had Skill Master card in my vault… it says 3 days (instead of 30), but for spirit covenant and not just Skill Master.

  11. interesting ,so if you have a feature from spirit covanent saved up in your inv you git random days of epiration i got 3 days on my “30 days skill master ” and otheres git 4 days on different feature but if you have it active you will git 30 days! of spirit covanent .
    does ToS mean to not equally treat players or it is another fail that dev could not know what to do with balens being used already or it is saved to use later .
    who said it is changing in game that is true but not randomly changing in game like what thy did .
    in short thy did steal from some and not from the others .

    • Their were different price items, so guess that why different days



    – IF THEY DECIDE NOT to refund the missing time for such item, or send you the corresponding-missing-amount then IT IS illegal.


    pretty simple.

    I won’t go into details about it cause here everyone seems to know better than everyone….EVERYTHING.
    (people like besserwisser FOR INSTANCE.)

    So anyone who purchased that item, send a ticeket. We shall insurge if they dont do as they have written to their own TOS.

    again: i will not give you the detailed reason of why it is or it is not legal.

    • Hi, thank you very much for sharing and confirming. So far there has been no reply to tickets and benefits of some players have already expired, so it is still remaining as illegal status unless, as you said, they take corrective action.

      Would it be possible for you to be in contact with our team (myself) for legal issues to help inform players? Would really appreciate your help. You can email me to give me your email if you can help (cosmos @ dolygames . com)


  14. Recieved ticket they will exchange those items for full time spirits just have to make tickets. They said will give same about spirit as to rest people who had used them. Not 30 day spirit for each different item u have but 30 x max item u have (what I think is fair enought).
    So if have 1 lords and 1 healing u get 30 days spirit but if have 2 lords and 1 healing u get 60 days coz of 2 lords.

    • Thanks Marcha, based on your and other players’ input I have written an update in the article.
      – Cosmos

  15. after patch came to us on kabam i recieved messages in game with compo about spirit con and didntrealy notice my spirit con goto 4 days checked today and in game shop and the spirit con is for sale and for 31 days and i do ave 27 days left of my spirit con also

  16. Its terrible value to buy a single sc feature anyways, if you dont have the money to buy full spirit covenant, you shouldnt buy lord of time in the first place lol.

    • Sorry but you have a poor understanding of the game. It is a very good value for specific people to get only Lord of Time. All other elements could be taken care of if you know how. Anyways, now they have removed all those items exactly for that reason and they are forcing people to only pay the full price. While some will obey and do that, others, who only had planned a lower budget of spending will stop spending.
      – Cosmos

      • Sorry but you have a poor understanding of what AFK Blitzing means.. it literally takes no time to start them, you could even do it with your phone, while being outside, if your phone is not from the 90s.

        Geez, i cant believe this blog was once informative, but now you are sitting here, wanting to tell me that speeding up blitzing for free, actually makes sense to waste balens on…

        I swear this blog has gone downhill since all this patron sellout shit and blind hatred towards r2games.

      • There is no point to discuss with you as it is absolutely clear that you are missing a large amount of facts and that you are insulting honest working people blindly not even caring that you don’t know what you are speaking about.

        I hope people around you do not treat you the same way as you treat us.

        No problem AT ALL if you don’t want to visit this “uninformative” “shitty” “hateful” blog any longer.

        – Cosmos

  17. Be sure to let players know this would be across all hosts of this game, including your precious Proficient City. R2Games bashing is always fun, but this is from all providers and not just them.

    • Be sure to read properly before you write such accusations. Nowhere in this article is written R2Games, so learn to read. The article is very clearly written and applied to the secret implementation done for Patch 5.8 for everyone.
      Secondly I have never said that ProfCity is my precious, so don’t shove words in people’s mouths.
      Thirdly we do not bash anyone. We present very clear facts for which emotions are not required.
      So know what you are talking about before writing stupid things against people.
      – Cosmos

      • I never said you did. No need to get angry about it, alot of the comments mention r2games specifically, and perhaps the post should let it be known that it is across all platforms, as NONE of them develop the games or the events.

      • see the comment below from mirlin who informed that they got 31 day spirit for all people but not the servers managed by r2games

  18. wartune official site… gave comp 31 day spirit of covenant to all server don’t know if request was made but all got even those that didn’t have before patch. this did not happen on kabam…which is governed by r2 games no surprise there…just an fyi guys cheers.

    • Wow that’s really nice. Sad for all others especially like you said those governed by R2Games

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