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Heaven Horn Rewards Calculation Before and After 09/15 patch

Hey guys, in this post I am going to calculate the difference in rewards from a large amount of Heaven Horns using the Wishing Well system before the patch of September 2015 and the change in the Heaven Horns after the patch, whereby they will no longer be given out normally as before, but whoever has them from before can still open them.

Here is my (Cosmos’s) stash of Heaven Horns, which I will be using as an example for the calculation. As some of you know I tend to be a sort of a pack rat or just lazy at opening boxes, so I end up being overloaded with gathered items ūüôā

Heaven Horn stash Cosmos Sep 2015

From the drop rate report that I made on the Wishing Well / Heaven Horns we have both the items and the percentages. Taking a small extract from there here are all the items obtainable in the pre-patch Wartune:

Heaven Horn drops before Sep 2015 patch

So I did a bunch of calculations and present to you here the table of what I would get for my 3397 Heaven Horns. I also added a round 10,000 option just for curiosity.

Expected Heaven Horn pre-patch rewards based on the drop rates report

For 3397 Heaven Horns For 10,000
Sepulcrum 2699 7946
Mahra 2421 7126
Star Sand 4427 13031
Celestial Stone 884 2601
Star Tear Shard 1699 5000
Will Crystal Shard 9845 28981

So pretty nice amounts, but now let’s have a look what would be the difference after the September 2015 Wartune patch / game update:

Here is the new item description, where we can see that the item is described as abandoned, but still open-able if someone has them giving 2 Sepulcrums + 2 Star Sands + 20 Will Crystal Shards.

Heaven Horn drops after Sep 2015 patch

So based on this:

Expected Heaven Horn post-patch rewards

For 3397 Heaven Horns For 10,000
Sepulcrum 6794 20000
Star Sand 6794 20000
Will Crystal Shard 67940 200000

Comparison of Rewards

So let’s compare for the 3397 Heaven Horns that I have which one is better:

BEFORE update AFTER update
2699         Sepulcrum
2421         Mahra
4427         Star Sand
884         Celestial Stone
1699         Star Tear Shard
9845         Will Crystal Shard
6794         Sepulcrum
6794         Star Sand
67940         Will Crystal Shard
  • No Mahra at all, but 2.5 times more Sepulcrum, so lower BR people who need regular Mahra might find this disappointing.
  • 50% more Star Sand, but no Celestial Stone (not a biggie) and no Star Tear Shards at all, which is actually not so good for lower level players, but then again there are some nice exchanges for these, so I suppose this income is not needed. I have about 1k Star Tear Shards in my bag and I basically don’t use them much, so for me it’s not an issue.
  • Significantly more Will Crystal Shards – from around 10k to close to 70k, which is 7 times more – although we do get nice income from dimensions this is a very welcome increase even if it is a one-off income only.

Finally, personally speaking, I think the new rewards are better for me, so I will wait with my Heaven Horns and open them after the game update. And I suggest that if you are not in critical need of Mahras or Star Tear Shards then also wait and open after the patch.

Lastly, as the system is getting abandoned, here is the screenshot of the Wishing Well for the archives:

Wishing Wall before September 2015 patch

And the now-old Wishing Wall help window:

Wishing Wall help Wartune pre Sep 2015 patch

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  1. what about fate guardian? is there a way to use them for fate wheel?

  2. Wow, that is alot of horns. I had about 500 saved up and opened after patch as well. All that other stuff is useless to me.

    Too bad the horns don’t have an open in bulk option but still much quicker to open after patch.

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