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Fully Maxed Tattoos +40,000 -19,183

Hey guys, in this short post we share with you an example of fully maxed out Tattoos (thanks to Salt) where you can see below total positive attributes are +35,000 strength and +5,000 defense with a full negative on Charisma at -19,183 which of course will take out the troops completely, but that makes no difference to a player of this caliber.

That strength, just by itself, gives 140,000 PATK and 35,000 PDEF, so 23% of this player’s Attack (almost 1/4th) is coming only from the Tattoo system.

One point of strength is 5 BR (4 PATK + 1 PDEF) while Defense is 8 BR (4 PDEF + 4 MDEF), so the BR contribution of this setup just from the Tattoo system is 35k x 5 + 5k x 8 – 19k from Charisma = 175k + 40k – 19k = 196k clean no-nonsense Battle Rating (not like kids’ air BR).

Fully Maxed Tattoos Wartune salt10


Hey guys, here is another example from “unbelievable” from my server:

Fully Maxed Tattoos Wartune unbelievable

unbelievable 10 mil BR character 7 mar 2016

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  1. how much balens ??

    • got all the advanced henna from recharge events so i didn’t really spend for it, it’s more like an additional bonus^^ but can’t say the exact amount of all of my recharges anymore. it was quite a lot though as i had to regain br of a 1 year wartune break.

      • You can go all the way for free just takes longer. hena is hena just that adv gives bigger increases per try.

        • Actually there a point (think was 2k) when you cant use normal henna and only adv, using normal will only change the attributes and increas/decrease the decreasing stat, so you actually need to get henna to max it out no matter what, but like right now you can get 1k adv henna for 120 chests

      • Nice job Salt 🙂

        • thanks 🙂

      • His question goes to spent and recharge. You can’t spend without recharging. How much balens you recharged to get all those adv henna, that’s what he meant, also.

      • Didn’t spend for it? You recharged which costs money so you could get the adv henna, therefore you did spend for it.

  2. Salt10 he was approx 2.5M BR on Jan (not playing for 1 year) and boom…!! now 10M+ 🙂 and CW winner too 🙂

    — His guildie

    • thanks now everybody will think i’m totally insane xD

      • nah, just insanly rich =)

      • Lol it is good comeback… wish i had some thing like tat XD… well i was never away in 1st place …ha..ha..

  3. but, if you do it, you can’t get new class advace (knighthoods) so why anyone will do it ?

    • i unlocked my skills and then changed the tattoos. once you unlock them they stay, you just can’t switch between the skilltrees anymore ( i won’t use the deff skills any soon anyway)

  4. Gratz on this salt10. That is alot of balens especially in that time frame lol.

    Is there a reason to go -charisma instead of -intelligence? I realize troops are pretty much useless now even with enlightment but just curious.

    • because i need the intel for the mdef ( as you can see my mdef is already pretty low). i lose about 5-6k patk due to the enlightement, but with all -intel i would lose 19183 mdef witch would harm me much more than this 5k patk.

      • also you need intelligence to be successful in the world 🙂 hehehehe
        – Cosmos

  5. well done salt =)

  6. so fast full tatoo soon R2 close game because all player leava only stay 200 casher in game congratuliton cahser die game after 3 year

  7. nice dear good job

  8. yea is true after take all money for better vacation removed all good unlimilted event for give noting now great job R2 u are the best for destroy game why u dont do thing change bg whit class adv now mother fucker casher take all price give shit other player wake up R2 stop want money create for all playe rnot only for casher of shit thx

    • Don’t blame the players for doing what they can (within the rules) to get better.

      The only blame for that goes to R2/7 Road, and as someone who has left and returned to the game several times, I have some advice:

      Play until it stops being fun. If being on top is what’s fun for you, AND you have the money to do it, go for it. If you want to be on top and don’t have the money, sorry, find another game, it will either break your ego or your finances or both to try to keep up.

      I’m happy just moving slowly ahead, getting a bit closer to various goals I have. That is fun for me.

  9. Wtg Salt 🙂 thx for all that information.

  10. Most of these players, if not all, are helped from team members or they actually are team members. They make their toons better everyday so you can spend more and more to reach their level or even surpassed them. What does this game bring to your life to you spending all of your money?

    Instead of investing in yourself you’re investing in a game that will close in a couple years and won’t add anything to your life. You’re sad lol, i’m sorry but you’re very sad.

    Anyway it’s just my opinion.

    • you are judging people without even knowing them over the internet, commenting over a blogpost about a game you seem to look at as a waste of time and you tell me my life is sad? 😀 get off your high horse bro, and you might see that different people like different things and maybe you will realise that being judgemental is actually a pretty sad attribute for a human being.

    • Well my answer to you is there are many things in life people enjoy doing…some go to movie…some enjoy pc gaming…some eat…some buy mobiles…some spend on social game where they enjoy spend most of the time…so instead of saying bullshit to others just get a reality check where u spend the judge others.

  11. Very Impressive Salt nice job!!!

  12. nice job Salt

  13. Just sharing some info…

    You can further reduce the penalty. Right now, Silk’s average penalty per tattoo is in the -2400 range or so (About a 48% Penalty). But if you keep re-synthing a max tattoo you’ll eventually get a better reduction.

    As far as I can tell they’re only about 10% of synth occurrences, but when they trigger they’re between 31% and 35% Penalties of the total, not the 39% – 50% the common ones have, and the 50%+ the bad ones generate.

    For example, my current tats:
    +4014 Int, -1761 Cha (44% Penalty)
    +4314 Int, -1370 Str (31% Penalty)
    +4018 Def, -1410 Str (34% Penalty)
    +4112 Def, -1378 Str (33% Penalty)
    +3850 Def, -1280 Str (33% Penalty)
    +2677 Int, -1045 Cha (39% Penalty)
    +1810 Int, -598 Cha (33% Penalty)
    +235 Def, -109 Cha (46% Penalty)

    If you can play the number right, you can still keep a positive troop count while gaining about the same Attack from Troop Enlightenment than the Defense lost from a negative stat.

    While I haven’t hit 5000 Pt Tats yet (I’m spreading out to maintain better gains), I’m assuming that a “good” ratio would give +5000 and have around a -1600. You can carry -3500 Charisma and still stay + Troops w/ the Blessing Wheel.

    So that would come to 1600 * 6 in negative stat (int or str, depending on class) = -9600 to one’s off defense. As a Mage, I’d gladly take a 10k hit to my PDef while gaining back 8k in MAtk from Troop Enlightenment.

    Right now my total hit to Strength is about -5300, my hit to Cha is about -3500, and I’ve still got a whopping 7/7 Troop Count getting my more MAtk than the PDef I lose from the -Strength.

    • -1500 perfect tatoo +40 000 -12 000

  14. kelbeans (s371) or пасс (s595) will kill unbelievable one hot

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