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First Gossip on Wartune Patch 5.7 or 5.8

Hey guys, I have managed to gather from 3 different sources bits and pieces of Wartune patch 5.7 or 5.8 information which I share with you below. We are still far away from the next game update, but as we get closer DolyGames Wartune Team will definitely keep you well informed about upcoming changes.

Additional Spirit Covenant Functions

I am nearly 100% sure about this as both my sources have confirmed this. People who have Spirit Covenant will be able to auto-complete Archaeology and Circuit Quests. I do not know yet in which form this will be such as Blitz or Auto-Play-through, but whichever it is, those players who can afford Spirit Covenant will have an easier time and additional rewards (I say additional because most people skip Circuit Quests according to the survey that we ran).



New Eudaemon

This was pretty much confirmed by R2Games’s poems and picture. We know there will be a new Eudaemon, but at this time we do not have any additional details about it. Stay tuned.

2 additional features

I have some information/pictures about 2 additional features but not enough to be able to say right now what they are, so stay tuned as we learn more over the coming days/weeks.

Based on Wartune China

Added to the Shop

Regular Henna, Advanced Henna and Will Crystals will be added to the Shop. The prices for Western Wartune Version as well as 100% confirmation is still unknown.


Blessing Wheel to be removed completely while stats of technologies increased. Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune at present time.

Additional Sylph Page

Another page for Sylphs. Probably have to pay more bound balens to unlock slots, but those people who want to have many sylphs will be happy with this, although for most people this is not really an issue. Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune at present time.

No Pickup for Some Drops

Some chest drops in the game will not be needed to be picked up manually but will go directly into the inventory. Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune at present time.

Enchant Eudaemon EQ with Balens

It might be possible to enchant Eudaemon equipment with balens. Currently only the flames are purchasable for legendary upgrades, but the enchant items are not directly available for sale. Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune. Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune at present time.

1v4 Guild Battle

A possible introduction of a 1v4 battle between Guilds where anyone can attack anyone (decided by Guild Leader). And from the rewards of this feature it may be possible to purchase Regular and Advanced Henna as well as Divinity Soul Solvent and a new item for a new feature for boosting equipment stats. Don’t really have any additional details at present. Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune at present time.

Increasing Equipment Stats by X%

It seems there will be a new feature which works in a very similar way to Soul Engraving which boosts equipment stats by a percentage. It will be a green icon (below) standing next to the Soul Engravings.

Level 1: +5% ; cost 5 items
Level 2: +10% ; cost 10 items
Level 3: +15%

Shorter Damage

The visual damage numbers displayed in battles could be shortened with a “k” written for thousands (and perhaps “m” or “kk” for millions). Again, don’t have 100% confirmation for Western Wartune at present time.


I want to thank my sources / contacts for supporting with the information gathering.

Discussion and help

  • Are you happy with this very early gossip we managed to prepare and publish?
  • What is your initial reaction on these changes coming in the next months to Wartune?
  • We would appreciate if you can help us spread the word to your friends, guild mates, facebook discussions, etc, about all the work that we do at DolyGames Wartune so we could have more likes and visitors. Thanks in advance! Cosmos. (Also those that can support us financially please consider to become our Patrons).

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  1. For me a top thing I would be happy is the option to blitz archeology and cirquit quest, if we could also blitz dimention…. but never ask too much lol.

    Wish they had an option to blitz all stuff in chain, so we only needed one click to blitz: cata, necro,purgatory, archeology, sylph expedition, sylph arena (as u cant do anything there), duels, circuit quest, and all the dimention you have (till you run out of points, steps).

    • I would love that too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yeah, think everyone would love to see a blitz option added to dims.

    • what happens to already applied Spirit Cov ? do folks have to buy new ones for the new stuff ?? they messed it last time that way..

      • ya last time they did mess it up, so let’s just hope they learned from that mistake

      • is there any way you can give that feedback to them ?

      • their ears are as small as the sand on the beach when it comes to receiving feedback ๐Ÿ™‚
        But anyways, for this issue, let’s wait and see, because the programming is already done, so whatever the situation it is already as it is and we will find out soon enough.
        – Cosmos

  2. Question: What is not available for players that are not LVL 80 ?

    • don’t have any more info than what I posted at this moment; will do a more detailed info post later once I can get more on my hands
      P.S. getting to level 80 is not that hard

      • im a LVL_CAMPER at LVL 70 i hate leveling up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Not many players who are not lvl 80 anymore. I see new players reach lvl 80 within a few days of playing. Weird seeing lvl 80 players with a BR of 100K or less!

  3. It seems good but till we get full information thanks doly games

    • Thanks for the appreciation ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Any idea when we will get this? I know you don’t know an exact date but just a general time frame. Thanks for all the info.

    • not yet, once I find out anything i will inform

  5. There is always a trend for big patches. Normally the big high expense patches sylphs, kids,KH, etc all align with the semester starts at college. This way they make a ton of profit from people without common sense using student loan refunds…

  6. around 1-3 patch max 80% sure

  7. cant they fix the shit that is messed up from the earlier patches before they start making new content….

    • It is always about new content, not optimizing gameplay. You look at the rewards things like Class Wars, CSGB and such have. They were good when most players were low to mid-level. Now they are pretty much a waste of time.

  8. good idea bringing new eudamons (why not every week a new one ? so th e cashnoobs have permanent things to buy and of course they should be much stronger than the old ones, just to make sure the br of big ones rises to 50 mio while free ones can finally reach the 3 mio br. just for the low IQ-ones: this is irony!!!)

    they better fix old bugs, or change useless stuff into good one xpl: cloud-fkin-adventure into underground palace

  9. why not change some of the curcuit quests to make them a bit more “unboring” or uneffective ?

    – kill x mobs in dungeon y to clear dungeon y
    – kill x mobs in astral to collect in astral

    just these 2 changes would save much time to do curcuit quests and also save some time for all.

    not willing to spend money for blitzing before they change some main problems

  10. Tanks Cosmos for you information ๐Ÿ™‚

    • thanks for appreciating ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. blessing wheel – tech nerfed? omg…dont tell me they gona reset everything again…

    • Please read accurately, I wrote increased not nerfed.
      – Cosmos

  12. not understand why complain for new pokemon -.-‘ is nice collect it Gotta Catch’em All XD
    the new academy limit and other kind of sc-ss is expected to come… like rise fate to 30.
    the real fail for me is dont have an exchange system old item–>new item like sc/ss for new green thing and old clothes-mounts. i play in china and there is monthly event if no wrong, to exchange all old clothes introduced in game until that time and same for mounts. new player relative new never get it here.
    agree with who told is time to update reward from cw, xsgb etc also skytrail should add new more 10 lvl with reward advance sepulcrum not normal
    and mount shop? rule should be “1 mount you miss every monday” not “refresh every monday if lucky you get one” atleast is what i get from description.
    write bit more have time while blitz ๐Ÿ™‚
    want talk about lag in tok? why lag soo much? many know is server machine outdate not enough big to hold all players and make game slow but all the flying damage? kill 98% of pc. if is true add this k and kk damage will great but best option in tok is copy from china: tok players replaced by kids. reward can be a big issue ok. right now is only place to get whips (except farming it) but euda items are “drop in sea” instead have kid arena and patrol change tok make it like china as game should follow original, make tok chest summ of item from patrol and arena and actual whips of course. can save people time/life and have better game: less things to do, less lag, for sure 4vs4 is way better then 8vs8 for damage on screen, and better reward (in theory if take a bit care of players and not only money)

  13. in other words: we dont know anything
    chinese wartune is not western wartune. the chinise version has many things that never arrived in western wartune… and at the others things you are not sure…. so nothing xD

    • The first 3 heading are very clearly shown and written to be 100% confirmed and have nothing to do with Wartune China, which very clearly starts from the 4th heading, so please read more accurately before jumping to such conclusions “we don’t know anything” which you wrote.
      – Cosmos

      • i read all =)

        1. “I do now know yet in wich form this will be”
        2. “but at this time wo do not have any addotional details about it”
        3. “but not enough to be able to say right now what the are”

        after this i can say “we dont know anything”
        we all know that there will come updates but for that we dont need this article what have no clear information… the only point is “there will be updates but we dont know exactly what will come”

      • It seems your only purpose is to offend people as you obviously took only some words completely out of context and misrepresented them in your own negative way, so there is no point in continuing this discussion.
        It is sad to see behavior like yours but it is your life, so live it like you wish.
        – Cosmos

      • dont bother reply cosmos…
        waste of energy for low profile brains

      • sry for sayng what i think

        “we wknow there will be updates but we dont know in what form it will be”

        wow thats are things i could say also…

  14. Eliminating blessing wheel.. meh. If everyone loses it, then it’s not a big deal. I like auto-collecting chests. It seems like an idiotic thing in most games where they ask you if you want to pick up useful items. “Do you want to pick up gold?” Derr, no…. New eud, which isn’t surprising. Maybe a new sylph would be interesting. If they want players excited, have a repair patch where they fix the dozens of known issues. That would excite us. Oh, the 1v4 guild battle thing. Does the losing side lose anything? If they do, I would imagine this would cause a lot of friction between guilds.

  15. I really think they should considering a reset for eud bounty like 2k Balens or something cause it progresses harder & harder…

  16. a survey went out today in the game chat from the dev’s. here is the link. I suggested that dims be added to the blitz, I know that is a hot topic here a lot, so I thought I would share this for others.


    • link goes to page saying thank you for taking survey

  17. I am looking forward to this patch. Thanks Cosmos for this information. I always have spirit covenant and kinda like to do archeology, but would be good to auto complete to save time. The thing is though, I’m not sure about everyone else, but I’ll still need to go to the wilds for the monsters. But still something that would technically save time. I did that survey and what I think should be implemented is an auto translate feature for chat. I know this is possible as I’ve played other games that have it. Even though this is an English game, there is a lot of people that play that don’t know how to speak English. Just my 2ยข worth. And thanks again Cosmos for this blog. I read it first thing in the morning with my coffee. Keep up the awesome work

    • Thanks for the kind words and sharing your opinion.
      – Cosmos

  18. they should do bounty targets like they have sylph expedition set up but instead of daily just once a week I only say that cause with these devs daily bounty target blitz is unrealistic lol just my thoughts and thx for the info guys

  19. While shorter numbers would be great for faster identifying how much damage is being done, but will do little for fixing the lag damage numbers cause. The rounding off of numbers is bound to create issues and inconsistencies. I’d much rather they just remove the “shaking” and “enhanced” font on crits. We had one patch at some point where crits were just like any other damage just orange/red instead of yellow and it was the most lag free I’ve seen the game.

  20. I think they are adding too much things
    But the GB is the best ๐Ÿ˜€ why change it if it’s too difficult for soo much people?
    The thing which sounds good is auto complete Archeology and circuit quest ^^ No more slyphs battles allelouia ^^

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