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Demon Continent Battle Rating vs Stage Report

Hi everyone! In this post I am sharing my analysis / report on the relationship of Battle Rating and Demon Continent Stage in Wartune. Here you will see the chart I made showing the results of the analysis and the data I collected from Wartune players. I am also providing the formula which anyone can use to estimate for their own BR if needed.

Firstly thanks to ~70 Wartune players who responded with the BR and Stage data when I asked on DolyGames Wartune Facebook Page. Everyone can enjoy my analysis thanks to your inputs.

I will start by showing the chart which nicely summarizes everything:

CHART: Demon Continent Battle Rating vs Stage Achieved

Chart info:

  • On the vertical Y-axis is the Battle Rating.
  • On the horizontal X-axis are the Demon Continent stages up to Stage 30 (the max Demon Continent stage at the time of making this report).
  • The yellow dots are the various data from each individual player.
  • And the white dashed line is the best suited trend line.
  • The formula is derived from the trend line and can be used to calculate / estimate expectations for your own Battle Rating, so you can see if you are doing better or worse than expectation (see how below).

How to use the formula

  • The formula is Y = 4.22 * X – 50.6
  • Otherwise: Battle Rating = 4.22 x Stage – 50.6

So to find out what should be your expected Demon Continent stage we switch around the formula to:

  • Expected Stage = ( Battle Rating (in million) + 50.6 ) / 4.22

For example:

If I have a BR of 45 mil then we do ( 45 + 50.6 ) / 4.22 = Expected Stage 22 or 23 (closer to 23). So if I have achieved more than 23 than I am doing better than expected and visa versa.

Note: please note that BR is a very general “manipulative” number and player skill plays a big factor in this so use this guide to get a general idea – not as a strict judgement of yourself.

TABLE: Demon Continent BR vs Stage data collected

Here I also provide the raw data I collected which also includes an extra detail for the specific part of the stage such as 1st boss or 2nd boss.

Player Data Battle Rating (in mil) Demon Continent Stage Stage Detail
Player 1 113 30
Player 2 28 17 17-1
Player 3 8 15
Player 4 33 18 18-5
Player 5 54 24
Player 6 33 21 21-5
Player 7 32.5 20 21-2
Player 8 33.7 20 20-10
Player 9 50.9 24 24-10
Player 10 13.7 16 16-4
Player 11 52.9 23 23-5
Player 12 47 21 21-10
Player 13 103 30
Player 14 31 17 17-10
Player 15 65 28
Player 16 91 30
Player 17 18 17 17-10
Player 18 41 25 25-5
Player 19 24.8 17 17-5
Player 20 38.9 18 18-10
Player 21 37 20 20-10
Player 22 51 25 25-2
Player 23 38 20 20-10
Player 24 50 26 26-10
Player 25 53 25 25-10
Player 26 30 20 20-10
Player 27 68 28 28-5
Player 28 48 20 20-10
Player 29 70 28 28-5
Player 30 46 23 23-5
Player 31 48 25 25-5
Player 32 51 28 28-2
Player 33 70 29 29-9
Player 34 31 21 21-10
Player 35 16 17 17-10
Player 36 58 28 28-5
Player 37 54 28 28-5
Player 38 44 21 21-5
Player 39 55 26 26-4
Player 40 5 14 14-5
Player 41 66 28 28-10
Player 42 61 26 26-10
Player 43 28 21
Player 44 53 26 26-10
Player 45 49 25 25-6
Player 46 79 30
Player 47 40 20 20-10
Player 48 4.6 13 13-8
Player 49 33.8 19 19-5
Player 50 41 24 24-5
Player 51 25 17 17-10
Player 52 87 30
Player 53 55 26 26-10
Player 54 60 24 24-10
Player 55 66 26 26-10
Player 56 72 30
Player 57 16.7 17 17-5
Player 58 38.8 19 19-10
Player 59 53 24 24-10
Player 60 56 28 28-10
Player 61 35 25
Player 62 45.7 25 25-5
Player 63 46 23 23-10
Player 64 32 20
Player 65 59.4 26 26-10
Player 66 22 18 18-10
Player 67 23 17 17-5
Player 68 52 24
Player 69 46.5 24 24-5
Player 70 37.8 23 23-10

Last Words / Observations / Discussion

  • I was actually expecting player data to be all over the place and it is very interesting to see that the data is very much in-line and there are no dots far away from the trend line.
  • Another small observation is that, as expected, most players are stuck on a boss stage (-5 or -10) but some are stuck at a mob stage. That said I expect them to beat the mobs much sooner as the main difficulty is indeed on boss stages.
  • The lowest “highest” Battle Rating in the data set to beat all 30 stages is 72 million BR followed by 79 mil and 87 mil.
  • I think it came out to be a nice report and I am happy also for the very easy to use formula for players, which I had not originally planned for / expected.

OK that’s it for my analysis / report on Wartune’s Demon Continent BR / stage – feel free to post your ideas / feedback in the comments below.

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  1. Interesting but I would be interested to know by class for the final boss on 30. For mages with no puri rune it is a lot harder – only mages I know who have completed it are Groot and myself and we are both around the 120M mark – and needed luck with stuns from Iliya to do it

    • I don’t have by class info, sorry, but that said, I did all my runs in Dragonchant form, so the class info only applies for people who use human form.

      • I passed lvl 30-10 at 104mil br as mage. Took 4 tries total to kill.

      • Forgot to mention I used dragonchat and br in DC was about 94mil. no stun goddess or stun relic.

    • Glad you did I am an archer with abr of 125 mil and cannot beat level 30 yet

  2. I am a Knight with 109M BR and have been stuck at lvl 29-10 for a long time. Pure BR is pointless as you are only using yourself, Relic and Goddess. Everything else is gone. Best I can do on 29-10 is get it down to 1 bar.I use pots and scrolls. Don’t help. I can see a mage or archer doing it as they have much higher DSP, which is why they do better in PvP than Knights. My Goddess is lvl 59 8 Star Lenneth. Hoping when I get her to 9 stars tomorrow it will do the trick to get to lvl 30-5

    • 1) You are probably having difficulties because you are not using Iliya who can stun the boss multiple times during your battle (with re-trying until it happens) allowing you to dish out damage. And I feel Dragonchant is better with her due to speed = more chances.
      2) That said if you already invested elsewhere don’t stress about it, I would not switch at that point to a new Goddess just for this.
      3) I understand why you said “pure BR is pointless” but I must disagree with that statement because that was also similar to my original expectation of having data points all over the place, but as you can see the data points line up very nicely so the BR does hold value.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

      • Do you suggest switching to Dragonchant for this?

      • With Illiya especially yes because it is much faster. Faster = more rounds. More rounds = more stun chance.
        That said, I generally test both human and Dragonchant form when I get stuck somewhere to see what angle I can use to win.
        Best of luck,

    • I think you do something wrong. Or maybe just have low attack. I was 114m BR knight and I passed 29-10 without any real problem on first try, no pots, no scrolls. With almost zero lvl goddess. In human form. I can share video how I did it if you want.
      30-10 much harder. It took 3 days for me to pass it.

  3. hmm qwestion goddess works in demon continent? dont think so

    • Yes it “works”, i.e. it is active

  4. hia cosmos boby here, can you make a report for red penants what stats we get and which penats would great for damage, a dragon report would great too there so much secrets whith potency, want the pvp killer equipment

    • Hi, ya i have a bunch of stuff like that on my to do list, I will try to keep doing as much as I can – just nowadays i have also a lot of RL problems i am trying to deal with.

  5. 72 mill BR archer passed 30-10

    • congrats!

  6. It is interesting being in a fight just you and the enemy (with goddess). I am surprised at how much br is required to finish it and that people with 100m+ can’t finish it. I’m not even to 49m yet. Did finish lv25 and got all those rewards for clearing, but at this rate it’s going to be years before I complete lv30.

  7. Probably a bit late but…..Would probably be more accurate to record stripped br in demon continent. In demon continent, relic, sylph, euda/willpower and titans are all disabled… so depending whether your br is from sylph, relic, willpower, or if its from mounts and gear your actual demon continent br could be very different. I tried the first week it came out and decided i’m satisfied with how far i got, but don’t remember my br at that time.

    • Yes of course the stripped BR would be cleaner data, but it is hard to get. I was already happy to get the amount of data that I did on regular BR and it did result in a very nice chart, so it seems it is accurate enough as data.

  8. update So i just looked, i have 15mil with no sylph euda or relic, 63mil with with everything on. first week it was out i got to 26-10 when it came out… i was close enough i’m pretty sure i could have beaten it but it wastes energy if i lose, and i picked kassandra so there was little long term benefit unless i was confident i could get to 29. i also had 5 expert dims of the same element (seems to help with res against bosses more to have 1 high res.)

  9. 58m br Mage (Morbid Angel) stuck on last boss 30-10. The only way for mages to pass it since they don’t have “purify” rune is the following and requires tons of luck of course.

    1) dragon chant form

    2) 4 sunlight talismans + 3 stars potency for it to block debuffs (need luck)

    3) Illya Goddess

    4) Enhanced Ruthlessness (maxed) astral (need the luck to work)

    With this setup, the boss was left with 2 HP bars on. That’s because the astral didn’t work properly. Illya had her times of stuns also.

  10. why in some stage details are missing?

    • Some players did not provide exact stage info. That said, I don’t think that’s a major issue as that data is not used in the chart at all and is more for reference.

  11. In your calculations, I think you make a big mistake: because, you assume, that BRs depend on the stage in demon continent (you use BR as dependent variable in your regression). I argue the other way around, the stage depends on your BR. (Therefore, you have a problem with the estimation as a whole, because of endogeniety, namely backward causality.)
    If you estimate the model with dependent variable “Stage”, you get the following regression output:


    means, on average, you need approx. 5 mio. more BR to success the next higher stage or respectively, the expected feasible stage could be directly calculated with that regression output.

    As additional information: Both regressors are significant at the 1%-level, my regression has an adj. R2 of 81.24%. I run the regression also with heteroscedasticity-consistant estimators for the var-cov-matrix of the error-terms and the regressors are still significant at the 1%-level.

    • One addition:
      Of course it is possible to show the data in the way, you did, but the regression in this direction is because of the endogeniety-bias not meaningfull. It is better to estimate the regressors in the right way and then calculate the line in the other perspective – with BR as dependent variable.

      BR = (Stage – 13.9927)/ 0.193

      OR just switch the axes in your diagram and I do not know which program you use for drawing, most of them calculate then the line correctly just by adding trend line…

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