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Dante’s Team Smashes Spire

Hey guys, here a short post Dante asked me to share how his team (his team is called Team 7) smashed Spire and you see in the comments they didn’t even have a hard time doing it. I asked him to share some info / tips together with his victory picture and he did, so here is what Dante advises about Spire:

All i can say about spire bosses is give some advice:

  • One tank seems to work better than 2 tanks, 
  • The only hard bit is boss 21 with the stupid dot spell, after that bosses are easier, 
the difficulty of those bosses are:
  • 21 amazon queen (by far the hardest), 
  • 24 pan (back attack might kill mage/archer + aoe on 5th move) 
  • 22 iris (aoe and needs alot of rage if solo mage) 
  • 23 gaia by far the easiest one since we all got hercules and we are high on electric resistances plus it has only single target spells
Hope you guys found those tips useful and here is the screenshot (you can click to enlarge – it’s big).

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