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Crazy Compensation & Login Events 13 November 2015

Hey guys, 13 Nov in Wartune brings tons of compensations for failures and login rewards. Check out the compiled illustration i have prepared for you below – it’s lots of stuff and even includes a mount! 🙂

Word of warning: I heard opening the New Fresh Start Pack costs 4999 balens but it does not say that on the description.

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  1. lvl 60+ ?

  2. lol GM Crazy rs <3 *-*

  3. $50 says we don’t get half that

    • well i took the screenshots from my account which means i got all those items

      • we didn’t get any of the comps on server 430

  4. Ehm, The “New fresh start pack” costs balens to open, anyone know how much?

    • 4999 balens i wrote that on the 2nd line 🙂

  5. Didn’t get any of the compensation I-IV just the login ones. Glad I didn’t hold my breath

  6. only login rewards till now. no clue about 1-5 compesation 🙁

    • update: in my server got 1-5 comp only who was online at reset. all the others got nothing

  7. Didn’t get IV compesation , any idea why?

  8. i don’t Play anytime
    Event Exchange chest into Sylph …
    i can’t wait any Sylph level 50 into 60 -.- [Refine] Star Sand / Divinity shard

  9. did not half of compensation and others if this is an abuse


  11. I don’t get Compensation IV still…..

  12. didn’t get any compensation… :((((

  13. Looks like they removed some of those packs. I and many others did not get the mount.

  14. I am from s499 and we all got every single one of these, but we had to refresh as initially all were greyed out but still got them all

  15. I was on when it reset still didn’t get it. Oh well shouldn’t except anything less from this game. Thanks anyways for the info.

  16. This was only for Wartune servers. Kong servers didn’t get any of these.

    • I got all of them on Kong 16S east last night around 12:10AM. When I woke up 10AM, half of these were gone from the hot events. Guessing if you didn’t get all of them in time half of them disappeared.

  17. r2 removed it as it was only intended for new fresh servers kabam servers got this also who ever was on at midnight as soon as they relised mistake it got took away quicker than they can fix a bug in this stupid game

  18. it was wrong to put this so early in the morning compensation to all deserve to win

    • wasnt compo packs it was new servers event legend of balenors

      r2 fked up took it away fked every one over who ever did click and claim it looks like nothing will be done to retrieve from you but at least they should of left it on for all not select few who was online at time

  19. I didn’t received any compensation earlier, just login bonus from 60-80. It is very disappointing bc were all hoping to get the rewards and then no compensation appears on event tab. Sigh..

    • i heard that it was a mistake which they quickly fixed but everyone who was online could collect all the mails so tough luck for those who woke up later

      • very quick to fix a mistake but mnths for bugs lol

  20. Tough luck????is that what this game has come down too? Nobody there has a clue what they are doing and it’s our tough luck? Seriously?

    • firstly it’s not my fault 🙂 i am just reporting things
      secondly it’s not like you lost something, you just didn’t get it if you were not fast enough accidentally as it was a total mistake on their part
      thirdly, feel free to complain to them but last i checked they don’t care to listen 🙂 hehehe
      best of luck and remember to smile always for your health 🙂

  21. only got the log in rewards on server 47

  22. par for the course screw over the people that have lives and reward the ones that live on this game

  23. sorry hon, but as far as I know of, the only comp packs received on server 6/8/ how ever many of god the others are, where for lvl 60, 70, 80, 2m gold/daru, 3x exp scrolls, 1k bound balens, 90 whips, 300 soul crystals, that is pretty much all that we got. but ty ty for the warning

    • oh and I was online while the reset happened, lol so I wasn’t late, lol

  24. Some log in gifts are availebl only for 4—8 h only If you come game late you not find theme 🙂

    • Really? I don’t know about it, and what do you mean by 4-8hr? Pls explain ty.

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