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COSMOS Snatches Frost Lotus from Chest

Hey everyone! In this short “Achievement” post I share the “crazy” luck of COSMOS Knight who got the Frost Lotus from the Rider’s Chest. As long time followers know, COSMOS Knight is a pack rat character who never spends his precious shiny bound balens 🙂

I clicked one time to purchase the 10 Rider’s Chests (first time ever)… and the mount came out!
This raises a question: did they perhaps program the game where you get a big reward or a higher chance of a good mount drop on your first balen (or bb) spending? Did any of you get a good reward on your first ever Rider’s Chest (the 4k option)? And if you have not yet tried, perhaps you should plan to make at least 1 purchase and post in comments your results.

COSMOS on Frost Lotus Posing for a Photo-shoot:

The Rider’s Chest drops that I received including the mount and showing the mount card info:

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  1. wow, very very nice. Congrats :3

    • thank you 🙂

  2. My first time trying this i got Icefyre Stingray a +100 mount!! The other day i used 1200 bound balens i had saved up on 3 attempts on the riders chest and got Lamassu a +500 stat mount. Maybe its random. But way to go Cosmos thats a win in my book!

    • thanks goofy232!
      congrats to you as well
      but i suggest you only do 10 per draw because you at least get a guaranteed mount that way

      • O will do it was definitely a risky investment when i have better things i could be saving for thank goodness for randomised luck. Thanks for the advice.


  3. First try I got a 500 stat mount and 2 300 or so hehe

    • nice 🙂 so maybe there might be some logic in the point i raised about the first purchase

  4. I think so and congratulations

  5. first try i only got hermez zebra +30 stats recycled it for 120 beast souls

  6. I tried riders chest twice (in a row…) i got the piggy first one… then the pig in blue second time… i decided that maybe riders chest isn’t worth it

  7. I have tried the purchase mount 6 times now for no mounts at all for the cost of 2000 bb,s per try I guess I must be the unlucky one

    • you mean the right side where it is 2000 per 1? not sure about that – many people don’t like that option
      the left chest works with bb and when you do 10 per go (4000) then some mount, good or bad, is guaranteed
      best of luck,

  8. sorry 2000 balens

  9. I got White fang on my first attempt on 10 chest. other three 10 attempts were useless mounts

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