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COSMOS & BB-8 with R2-D2 Sylph – Star Wars Wartune Style

Hey guys, here I share with you my fun Wartune art: COSMOS & BB-8 with R2-D2 Sylph – Star Wars Wartune Style ^^
(Made by me with Photoshop) Who said you can’t combine 2 fun things together?

And for those who haven’t seen the Star Wars movies definitely check it out, they are wonderful for any age. And for those who know Star Wars but don’t know Wartune then check out Wartune 😛

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  1. ‘May the Balens be with you’ sounds more convincing. The previews had me when it aired on t.v. during a college game. Plus it was a big topic of conversation at work.

    Despite that, I’m a still wait till it comes on DVD; that way I can rewind and play to my thumbs content.

    • 🙂

  2. please, remove this jokes from most recent articles.

    at least we have a clean home main.

    if you like do these jokes, i not have problems. but put them in another section ?

    • This is not a joke.
      If you are in a bad mood try not to hurt other people…
      Happy Holidays and i hope things work out for you.

      • this is a joke. mood not is a part of a game. i’ll not follow this blog and i’ll not link anymore this site. this because you not listen the comments of other players (not only me).

      • lol what happend with you if you dont like the post just escape him :3

  3. love it

    • nice to hear 🙂

  4. that’s funny you should do Darth vadar

    • hehe i might 🙂

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