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Compilation of Fun Wartune Posts & Other [FEB 2019]

Hey everyone! Here is a compilation of various Wartune funny pictures / short posts I had posted on my social media pages (Twitter / Facebook / Google+), so those Wartune players that only visit the blog or who might have not seen them in their news feed can enjoy some laughs also:

So here we go, in no particular order:

Oh No! Eye of Sauron?!

Dr. Strange Avengers & Guild Beast

Is there something they are not telling us???

Tiny Jailbreak Rabbit

Standing next to a tall mount 🙂

Smelling Buttocks

Like dogs do 🙂

Overcrowded Wilds

Way too many castles next to one another 😛


  • Which funny picture among these do you like the most?
  • Do you have suggestions or ideas for a funny picture or Meme related to Wartune that you’d want me to create?

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  1. That Dr.Strange thing killed me, that’s the best lol

    • 🙂

  2. After checking your latest memes i got the following ideas.

    1. Simple crossovers with wartune:

    wartune characters inside the games called “crushe the castle”, “megaman x virus mission”, “fruit ninja”, “contra”, “castlevania” with their skills.
    a ping pong match with the wartune characters.
    slot machines that uses wartune items in a trolling way.
    make some wartune jojokes (i.e. references of the “jojo bizarre adventure” franchise in meme style).
    wartune references to the animeme “omae wa mo shindeiru”.
    sylphs using the skill from the game “megaman” franchise such as “lightning bolt”, “thunder claw”, “ice wave”, “astro crush”, “magic card”, “lightning web”, “frost wall” and “aiming laser” (this last 3 ones from the megaman x stage).
    a compariser meme with the following sequences = title – wartune battles ; square 1 – comic magazine (input an ancient dragon painting here) ; square 2 – online game (input any of the lizard mobs images here) ; square 3 – netflix adaptation (input a komodo dragon here). any questions feel free to ask me.
    washing anything in the way by using the water-type sylph skills “tsunami” and “archeron wave”.
    eudaemon and willpower battles while using backgrounds from another franchises such as “mortal kombat”, “street fighter”, “king of fighters” and “golden axe”.

    2. Advanced crossvers with wartune:

    a pokemon-style battle of any of the wartune typical battle sequences.
    wartune characters using skills from the megaman franchise such as “copy vision”.
    wartune characters poisoning enemy bosses by using radiation.
    wartune characters fightning natural disasters as bosses such as avalanches, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, tornadoes, lightning storms, earthquakes and firing (each boss with their unique boss skills); even TNT boxes, plasma balls, black holes and atom bombs can be added to this category.
    wartune characters fighting against alien bosses and zombie bosses (let´s be more graphical in this point).
    wartune characters versus casino roulette and slot machines to gain prizes while using skills.
    wartune characters using the power-up called “quad damage” from the “quake” franchise.
    a wartune battle in discotheque mod, alike the “party hard” meme.
    wartune player using and orbital cannon to plunder other players cities.
    pokedex-style fake entries for wartune characters, goddeses, sylphs, eudaemons, willpowers and npcs in general.
    and the final idea that i call “wartune monopoly”, consisting in battle captures of wartune characters trying to obtain the control of the traditional monopoly game slots; by example, a battle against water-type sylphs for occupying the water surveillance slot and another battle against electro-type sylphs to occupying the electricity company. and so on.

    3. Wartune in-game battles i wanna see:

    a battle between worgs against bloodfang.
    a battle between serpentus against redoga drake.
    a battle between worms against wormaggedon.
    a battle between elemental mobs against elemental golems.
    a battle between umbral mages against fallen angel zane.
    a battle between umbral warriors against fallen paladin.
    a battle between holy knights against angel boss.
    a battle between skeleton soldiers against bone mage boss.
    a battle between tauren mobs against karnatog.
    a battle between evil enchantress mobs against basilisk-like boss (ain´t remember its name, sorry).
    a battle between umbral archers against the last boss of lych´s lair.
    player against eudaemon-only mobs.
    player against willpower-only mobs.
    player against sylph-only mobs.
    dark-type sylphs vs light-type sylphs in the battle of the year.

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