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Class Wars becomes Cross-Platform

Hey guys, Proficient City announced that Class Wars is now going to be across platform, so Wartune players from R2 can fight people players from Armor Games, Kabam, Kongregate, etc (see picture).

This change seems to be in effect as of the current Class Wars which starts 12th of April (2016).

Normally this should be a good / positive development; the only unfair point I can see is that the some servers get additional gifts and additional contests via facebook that the smaller platforms do not have, but then again this is not an enormous difference.

As usual, some players are happy and others are not. Of course opening up to a bigger player base means much tougher competition and many more knighthood players. This is both a positive and a negative point – for competitive knighthood players this will mean a tougher and more fun competition, while for the bottom 50% of the Top 100 it means that a bunch of them will not qualify due more stronger players joining in.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments and/or the poll below:

Do you like Class Wars becoming Cross-Platform? (see our news article for details)

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  1. Well, I’m not all that sure what great “friends” i make in Class Wars – that seems like a stretch. And given R2’s inability to get anything right the first time, I expect there will be lots of problems with tonight’s CWs – crashes, freezes, delays, lags, etc. etc. etc. Since fewer players on each platform will be able to get into the finals, that hardly seems fair to the majority.

  2. Just shows that the game is slowly dying. More people are quitting than starting.

  3. R2, Kabam. Kong and Armor already meet in Class Wars.

    Adding the other platforms, will make it interesting for teh Top players, meaningless for the rest.

    • well not meaningless to me, my br is around 50-60th place during preliminaries, during finals used to finish 20-26th place, but not i might be pushed out just because of br, losing lots of glory crystals

    • Exactly

      And I fight Strife now.. so …

  4. Who ever makes the decision to change the game should fix the problems with the game that they keep creating by changing it to a bigger cash game. The bottom line is you take our money and give the players frustration and grief, instead of giving use the gaming platform we came for. I feel cheated again. Fix it or can it.

  5. What about the test servers like Wartune S1?

  6. I dont think you all realize the issue here with cross platform,, for 1, they do not get the same events and most likely getting better rewards than R2 servers… items cost less,,,, and they are much older,,, on top of this there has been reports of rampant hacking on kabam and Kongregate servers…… the opinion of those on my server group is many more,, even cashers are thinking of quitting being expose to these 13 mill BR monsters in BG,,and now CW….the end is near for many

  7. We had Trinity, Phoebe (queen_B), rono, chilimak, etc in our Xserver ranking, and tok, now we dont c them. what happened?

  8. Yes a lot of people I have talked with are not happy, some are talking of leaving . It’s sad when people that have played for 3 years and more have had it . Fix what you have already before adding to it .

  9. i think anyone who likes this cross server ranking is missing the overall point. These servers kabam,kongretate etc.. not only are they older, but they have different events and rewards, patch dates and cheaper pricing for items,,, not to mention rampant hacking….. even the mid to high cashers here on R2 from my group are talking of leaving ALREADY and this is only based on getting blasted in BG and Arena,, wait till CW!! the player rage quitting will begin!

    • ive been a kabam player for 3 years ur just an idiot kabam cannont hack the game due to the browser anti hack system inplace r2 are the hackers as the mini client is hackable so get ur facts right before opening ur mouth

    • and we ave same events and same hot sales and shop as r2 players so were is the low pricing dumbass

  10. Calling names doesnt make you smarter, nor does it help in your argument but its easy to do from behind a keyboard….. u are in denial in u dont think hacking has gone on…. im sure there are hackers on every platform. Either way, my point was that many on R2 will quit as they are overpowered now,, and by ALOT…. now, go get mommies credit card so you can catch up 😉

    • lmao dont need mommies credit card i ave my own

      but i wont spend a penny on game that has cheaters hackers

      maybe u need to address issues with r2 if u think theirs hackers and cheaters and send a ticket like most ppl do

      but i say again u ask everybody on all platforms and the shop and sales are all the same prices i know i have checked all providers shops wen provider hopping

      so do u ave proof kabam players pay cheaper for their shop etc

  11. The main reason for so many new quitters is the difficulty for many players to achieve knighthood a free player has zero chance of getting it, Now all the platforms now can fight each other I see many more quitting its hard enough to get your sylphs merged if u a low casher/free player with out the added disaster of knighthood and thoughs of us that used to quailfy with ease with out either have no chance at all now.

    • this is false,all players even free can get KH it will just take longer time.

      • and how pray tell… I will get the 30K balens with the meager Mx$200 I pour every month? (only Vip here)

  12. agree and good points KK….. before the mix of platforms there were ZERO players with 10mill BR on our groups of servers,,, now we see 35 PLUS over 10 mill,, most at 12 and 13 mill…supporting both our points 🙂

  13. hmm, i play on amorgames, and we faced kabam, kong and r2 since the start, so nothing changed, i dont understand the excitement. And honestly, till now, free player get the same things like spending player, they have only to wait a bit. If you dont have any patience, you should realy look for another game

    • Telling people to have patience is a joke! I’m a 100% free player with a 5+mil BR, but my patience ran out with them removing unlimited events and jacking us out of ANY chances the cashers had.

      Case in point, since I don’t CASH and buy thousands of event chests, my mounts are horrifyingly low. I’ve been doing my best to exchange beast souls for the higher mounts, but with this new patch I am now getting 20 beast souls per fishing event when I was getting 140. When I DO manage to get a mount, I can’t get enough whips because the IDIOTS don’t reward them. The only places I know to get whips is farm (I swear they’ve slashed the reward chests, I used to open them and have an average of 20, now I”m getting about 12!), ToK (which my party CAN’T do because of the lag), and an odd one here or there with wilds and guild blessing wheel, as well as 5 days’ worth of amethyst mining to get ONE bag of 30. WTH are we supposed to do with TENS of thousands of hooves when we have virtually NO mounts to refine!?!

      Sorry, I just don’t have the patience to wait 30 years (10x what I’ve been playing) before I’m able to collect enough whips to max out my mounts… not to mention the additional time it will take to sink even more of them into the magic mount’s attributes.

      To be honest, if this Class Wars turns out how I foresee, a LOT of players will be bailing from the game… cashers who finally wake up to realize they’ve been fools and can’t compete, and the free players who are tired of being jacked around.

  14. Can someone explain how this is “new” as I have been in class wars since it started, I am on server 8, and this has been going on as long as cross server arena, and is a HUGE pain in the ass…pardon my French???

  15. Now I know the reason for only 5 players making final compared to the 20+ usually on my server. The game is clearly dying – people are quitting the to frustration not only with things like this which can increase the lag but with elements like the events as well.

  16. this is why everyone is leaving this game now r2 coming to cw I see trouble now this game nothing but spend why everyone leaving

  17. So, it basically means fewer players get top 100 rewards and free players now CAN’T get top 100. Knights will dominate top 100 and if you aren’t a knight (ie free player) you have 0% chance at top 100. It’s their way of giving out fewer rewards. I was close to making top 100 (losing on the stupid br tie-breaker), but now… forget about it. I’m just afking it from now on. The only way this isn’t a huge mistake is if the rewards are greatly increased. Otherwise, if you were 50-100th before, now you won’t make top 100. So long finals…. Anyone that thinks it’s a good idea is an idiot. You want a greatly reduced chance at rewards? Even uber-players will have a hard time. If you got 10th before, you won’t make top 16 bracket now. It’s an awful decision and I can’t see any positive to anyone.

  18. All free player can get same as cashers with patience…..sure 🙂 Except dual sylphs, 6th res emblem. And that’s for pure balens only. KH talents…till lvl 10, ok. Higher….doubt so. As getting KH free. If you play for it and sacrifice your events..3-4 months if your well prepared xD Don’t get me wrong still like the game, but getting tired of losing friends because of their smart ideas 😉

    • muahaha good joke, or did i miss the sarcasm in this post ? just the big diff on euda a free player will never get is reason enough 90 % free players lose against cash players. maximum to get is green equip on eudamon, with much luck 1 or 2 blue ones.)

      got killed in cw all time yesteday, not 1 win, when not facing red sylphs then got killed by eudamons even when killin the palyer (some matches against afkler)

  19. This is all an attempt from R2 to get the big spenders to feel compelled to spend more because there is new sharks in the pond threatening the status quo.

    In the end, if you feel compelled to recharge and keep spending then do so. It’s R2 way of pushing you.

    Also its really silly that people would waste their time and money on these cross server events because the rewards haven’t changed in over a year.

    (If you want these events to change, you’ll probably have to get people NOT to show up)

    Things wont change, R2 wont change, having anti-protest spending groups wont change anything.

    If you want change technically the game has to DIE (i.e. more whales have to quit/quit spending)

  20. How come we were able to fight kong kabam and armor for years and they announce it now, am I not getting something here ?

  21. This will have the reverse effect R2 is looking for from the cashers. many mid level cashers will stop spending or quit as 7 mill BR isn’t enough to challenge 12-13 mill.. the high cashers at 9 mill or so,, they cant beat em either… oh well…

  22. i tot all this while class war was cross server? else how we met some super casher not from our server?

    • cross server can mean servers on the same platform; this announcement is cross platform which means also servers which belong to another company

  23. Idiots who complaining about CASHERS quiting lmao…

    WARTUNE was/has/will/is/ be forever FREE TO PLAY and PAY TO WIN game….

    If you don’t like what is going on then you are free to make your own wartune game and play that shit on your own way….

    STOP COMPLAINING ALL YOU ****** [ Angelo i removed your insult here; please express yourself without insults, I am sure you can, thanks, Cosmos ]

    • We understand that it’s a game where cashers have an edge, but lately the gap is insanely large. Knighthood is an incredibly cheap addition (yes, in 18 months free players can get it), merged sylphs, and with the addition of a lot more players, free players now have 0% chance at top 100 where before a few could get top 100. I get that they want to make money, but there should be a level of fairness. Not purely pay to win.

      My server usually has 13-16 making finals. This time… 8. 8! This is truly an awful additional. They could at least add better things in the shop (or cheaper items) to compensate us.

  24. this is big BS like all they do when its “cross servers”.
    would be ok, if all platforms would have the same starting options, not some this and others that.

    like doin nascar and some start with newest car and others with bobbycars (both “cars” but with some significant differences).

    wouldnt care if they would have a working matching system, cause then there would be enough in everey br range so it would be a bit “fair” (blabbla its ptw, cash game, never fair,… dont give a pos on this)

  25. I not see MINICLIP there.

  26. im a free player but i still enjoy the game playing with my friends, i guess enjoying playing with friends is what keeping me playing, but if you want competetion then the only way is $ obviously. surprisingly i made CW finals this month with my barely 6m BR no merged sylp no Knighthood and im 99th in the BR ranking for knights who made finals. that goes to say, if you no longer enjoy the game then i guess you really need to look for a new one.

  27. Just Saying guys…:
    the finals are as follow (me as mage), these are the final results.

    ONLY players above 8m BR made it/admitted on finals
    (IF u dont know this yet, any Preliminars is succeeded by BR comparison. aka u just have to show up)

    So top player who before could reach either on CW or Titan 4th position, lets say, now are BARELY in the finals.

    Our (CS) server had 2 ppl into finals.

    These 2 guys are already big/huge spenders already.

    Now all of their money is like wasted in such events.

    I d like to know what they think of this…but i surely have an idea ALREADY 😀

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