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Christmas World Boss and his Bagzie

Hey guys, some players told me that they were really happy that the Wartune World Boss has a big bag of presents for everyone for Christmas and New Year, so we got in touch with Mr. Wesker via Skype and asked him when he will open his bag and give all the presents to the players and this is what he said:

“Presents? woot presints?!
dis bagzie nut fer presints!
me kome n’ takin’ all yer moniez!
I takez fast n’ go 2 rounds max!”

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  1. What I’m more interested in knowing is why he shoved a Candy Cane up a Chickens Arse.

    • a very good question 🙂
      clearly he is not Vegan 🙂
      maybe the artist who designed this guy can give us an answer some day

    • In some cuntries they fill and eat chicken at Christmas instead of turkey.

    • Its the internet…why are you surprised?

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