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CHART Battle Rating Over Time (FEB’18)

Hey everyone! In this Wartune article we talk about Battle Rating evolution over time. This will include an overall Wartune index that I can regularly report to you and my own BR evolutions. As this is the first article of these series I will start by presenting my character’s chart and as I gather more data I will do more reporting on overall Wartune index.

I went over some older videos from past years to gather the historic data on COSMOS’s Battle Rating. I tried to record a whole bunch of data points and it came out to be an interesting chart which I present to you below:

CHART: COSMOS’s Battle Rating Over Time

I did not bother with the very low BRs from 2012 so you see my first data point starts with 54k BR in Oct 2013, I believe roughly 1 year since I started playing. For those who are newer to Wartune that was a significant Battle Rating at that time 🙂

You can see on the chart how my BR has increased and jumped at specific times. These are usually Wartune patches where Battle Rating formula was changed or “fake” BR was introduced such as by adding Sylphs BR or by adding Eudaemon (and later Willpower) BR.

Still, the chart is fun to see, so check it out below:

I’ll also add a picture of my character taken today:

Note #1

The BR should not be taken as a specific number but more of a range as I can easily move my BR higher or lower by changing a couple of settings. The picture above is the BR of one of my “daily” setups which is me wearing my weaker Thor, my best Willpower with my best sylph (Odin) in human form and without any buffs.

This is why we will focus more on the change of BR over time rather than looking at any one specific BR.

Overall Wartune Battle Rating Evolution

This is the first article in these series I cannot show a chart yet, but I will already share the type of data I plan to collect and maybe you want to give feedback or suggestions on that.

As we know there is no possibility to have a consolidated list for Wartune for regular players like us (admins can find out but they would never tell us), so I will be using and collecting data available to me.

So what will I collect?

The best data available for me to use I think is the Cross Server “Battle Rating” ranking. While this value does fluctuate and does not cover all Wartune servers it does cover multiple servers in my Cross section. And in order to be able to prepare a visually useful chart I will not record all data but specific data points over time.

So the first data point would look like this:

Data date Rank 1 Rank 10 Rank 30 Rank 50 Rank 75 Rank 100 Avg.
03-Feb-18 75,387,788 49,295,843 38,136,169 34,218,058 32,352,007 31,134,857 43,420,787


  • Does someone know the exact difference between Player Strength and Battle Rating ranking? I could match my Player Strength with my “go-to-sleep” BR so that must be the “clean” or “currently equipped” BR while the Battle Rating ranking seems to include perhaps 1 or 2 additional sylphs’ BR.
  • Do you like an article like this? Does it interest you?
  • Do you agree with the data I will collect to chart the evolution of the AVERAGE BR over time? Or do you have other suggestions?
  • etc.


I have also created a poll where everyone can vote on what Battle Rating you think you will have by the end of Summer 2018. Cast your votes below or on the blog homepage and tell other Wartune players / friends about this so they vote too.

How much will your BR go up by end of Summer 2018 (~7 months)?

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  1. You made me have to go look
    1 83583663
    10 59810432
    30 46774987
    50 42172816
    75 38439991
    100 36245797

    Sorry you’re not getting an average 😉

    But it is interesting to see the difference in different cross server sets

    Arionrhod, Kongregate West (S1+)

    • 🙂
      (your comment simply went to moderation for approval cause the system thought maybe it’s spam, no need to post multiple times)

      • Sorry
        thought my browser was acting wonky again. It didn’t give a message saying that like I’m used to

    • Hi Ari!

  2. only so much time I can play and so much I will spend its getting ridiculously time intensive.

    • prioritize the important things, skip the less or not important things – nobody said you must do all 🙂

  3. An interesting subject.
    Wartune has been inflating BR constantly.
    Two other aspects of this are the price of BR for leading edge competitors vs average players, and BR compression at the top due to limits and maximums and overflow bugs.
    I don’t expect my BR to go up very fast in the next 6 months
    (barring new fake BR patches) because at ~78 million I am hitting most of the ceilings.

    • Thanks.
      Indeed at top BR it’s harder to move up until a new Patch is released.

      There were a bunch of attempts of trying to calculate $ or Balen of BR but the faster ways are not accurate and the accurate ways require too many hours of work which I can’t invest with my current low income. But we do know that most systems follow a flattening curve, i.e. cheaper to get a lot of BR on lower levels (e.g. starting levels of smelting stones) and then a constant cost increase as you get higher.

      One other more important factor is also the the player’s skill of spending balens. Not all players spend efficiently and this alone can account for a significant difference in BR.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  4. i am 15.0236,066 but ppl keep telling me that this really means that i am only truely at 1,502,360. Which is my true br?

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