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Bunch of Lilies Drop Rates (400 boxes)

Hey guys, here we go with the drop rates of the Bunch of Lilies, I opened all the 400 boxes and finally got the Bunny a.k.a. the Jade Rabbit on my Mage’s account, who, as you know, has no fear of balens. So anyways, it did take a lot of boxes, ended up costing nearly 16,000 balens for a smallish stat mount, but indeed it is certainly one of, if not the most, cutest mount out there 😛

Ok, back to the drop rates, we got of course the very low rate drops of the 100 Soul Crystals, the 100 Mount Training Whips and the lowest, of course, the mount itself.

Then we got some weird stuff happening with 50,000 gold and Runestones being strangely at the same level of around 12.5%-14.8% and then Sepulcrums and Mahra correctly on the same level (but not saying the % is a good one).

And last, but not the least, the monthly event item, the Lily or Lilly, whatever the spelling, is at 53% which is exactly as the expected rate based on previous boxes (~50%).

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and if you want to send me data for this specific box send if 100+ boxes and i’ll make a version 2 report.

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