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Blue Pennant & Ascension Stone Drop Rates

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you a report on the Blue Pennant & Ascension Stone drop rates from the Limited Pennant Exchange that was launched in Wartune on 23 Mar 2018.

Thanks to the people listed below for sharing the data so that I could prepare this report for everyone.

Table of Data

# Chests TTL # of Blue Pennants Dropped TTL # of Ascension Stones Dropped
1000 15 20
800 11 15
1177 22 20
250 6 3
150 6 0
481 10 5
121 0 0
1021 28 15
5000 98 78
% 2.0% 1.6%
About 1 in 50 About 1 in 65

Thanks to:

As mentioned above, thanks for sharing to:

  • Hikari
  • Runa
  • Filemon
  • Biplab
  • Joseph

And if you are opening /exchanging chests later you can post your data in the comments below and if a lot of it gathers I can issue a 2nd version.

Report Findings / Results:

  • We see Blue Pennants (2% frequency) dropping about 1 out of 50 exchanges which is a higher than some people predicted in previous comments.
  • The Pennant Ascension Stones are less, around 1 in 65 exchanges for a single piece and this quantity is not significant because we will need big amounts for upgrades. So this falls more in the area of crappy Terra Grass rates; well maybe not as bad as that poop-show.
  • So the main focus of this Exchange are the Blue Pennants.

Other Data

I am also gathering data for all items even though most player interest is in the 2 items above, so feel free to email or message me full drop rates. But I’ll already share the preliminary results from my 1021 chests below:

  • Cast Stones: 1 from every 2.2 chests
  • Polish Orbs: 1 from every 2 chests
  • Soul Orbs: 1 from every 2.9 chests
  • Smelting Stones: 1 from every 1.4 chests
  • Charge Fragments: 1 from every 0.9 chests
  • Anim. Stones: 1 from every 2.1 chests


So there you go, now Wartune players can have a decent idea of what to expect which should help make good decisions.

  • Did the results in this report surprise you?
  • Will you participate in this Exchange or plan to work on Pennants later on?
  • Were you excited by this Wartune event?

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  1. As a non casher, non knighted player with around 6.5m br would you recommend this exchange?

    • I don’t know the resource situation of your character, neither its strengths and weaknesses, but for a lower BR player I’d suggest to make sure you get all the 10 Clothing Shards from exchanges + Clothing Shards from 10 chests Lucky Exchange + at least 1 of each 3 clothing items to secure the designs whatever is possible in the max 99 Symbiosis Stones exchange and, finally, getting some Blue Pennants from this exchange event.
      So in summary a balanced approach.
      – COSMOS

  2. 90 chests 2 blues

  3. 990 got 17 blue

  4. 300 got 7 blues

  5. 1400 exchanges and I got 31 blue pennants.

  6. 112 chests 5 blue 0 ascention stones

  7. i need to know anclient relics, resonance , how many tiger, panther, rat, i can use?
    now i use 6 tiger pennant, is it work ?? i m a kinght .
    give some good advice .some people say can use 6 same item, and some say can’t help me

  8. 180 chests=1 blue rat 0 asc. stones

  9. I have 2 blue pennants maxed and 500 ascension stones how come it won’t let me ascend them says insufficient materials?

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