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Back and a Whole Bunch of Stuff

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been away a little bit due to life problems, so restarting posting and catching up on hundreds of unread emails. So first off I am just gonna post here a bunch of stuff different people sent me before I write my own.

1) A Blitz Restart Trick

(sent by Bruno)

(maybe it works for you, but it didn’t work for my accounts)

“in my server when i need help sometimes people blitzing campaign and i have to wait.. but there is a trick to still be able to do all things even if u do blitzing campaign.. lets say i am now in blitzing for 50 more min and someone need help.. i can just reload .. the blitzing window will not be in screen anymore and i can go to help that person with no problems.. my blitz is still active and in about 50 min later u just reload again and all items u got will show up in screen like u never did reload before.. ”

2) Some level 80 pictures

(sent by Millie)
(In no particular order.)








3) A Proud Victory in Spire

(sent by Dante)


4) Mounts in Wartune Brazil

(sent by Amoon)


5) Pictures from Wartune China

(sent by from Rodeo)






















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