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Anniversary Lion Chest Drop Rates

Hey guys, here I share with you the report I have prepared for us to see the drop rates of the Anniversary Lion Chest based on about 900 chests of data, which is a pretty good size. That said, if anyone wants to send more data (minimum 100 chests) I can collect and issue a 2nd version report.

The Anniversary Lion Chest is an exciting box for 3 main reasons:

  • the chance to get a +150 stat mount, the Lion of War
  • the chance to get the Alpha Lion clothing (the set gives a title with powerful stats)
  • the ability to exchange 120 chests for the Alpha Lion Wings (needed for the title stats)

Anniversary Lion Chest Drop Rate Results:

Firstly let’s mention the Beast Souls: these are a chance drop from the chest in parallel to other rewards so it is nice that no matter what players can accumulate these and, over time, buy a mount from the Mount Shop. The drop rate for these is about 1 out of 3 chests, so in our data you see 295 Beast Souls (total amount from whichever type of drop) out of 897 chests. I would say “thumbs up” for this, although other players wanted to have more of them.

Next, let’s jump straight into the exciting rare prizes:

  • Lion of War: we have 4 drops in our data set, but with my “massaged” figures I would say the drop rate is around 1 in 400 chests.
  • The Alpha Lion clothing items: we got 5 weapons, 3 armors and only 1 helm, which was a bit weird, but again, I would say you get in average 1 of these from 250 chests.

The Remaining Rewards

  • 33% of all chests, or 1 out of 3 chests, will be gold. Complain all you want but that’s it 🙂
  • 61.6% of all chests, or 2 out of 3 chests, will be items for Eudaemons / kids – all of which drop at around 10%-15% rate.
  • And finally, I have no idea how Mount Hoofs managed to sneak into this chest (sort of out of place) but a useless 2 pieces of hoofs will drop at a ridiculous 3.8% rate, or 1 time out of 26 chests. Totally silly and useless – might as well remove them completely.

So congratulations to everyone who managed to get the Lion of War and/or the clothing set. I was more on the unfortunate side and only managed to get my hands on the weapon and armor pieces, but, oh well 🙂

If you liked this Anniversary Lion Chest drop rates report please help share it, feel free to write comments below, and feel free to email me data (correct / accurate) on anything in Wartune and our DolyGames Team will do our best to make reports and articles for everyone to enjoy.

Anniversary Lion Chests Drop Rate v1 - 900 chests

Item descriptions of related items & notes:

Lion of War will recycle for 600 Beast Souls. This is one of the major reasons to open all chests – if you get lucky to have more than 1 mount you get a lot of Beast Souls to buy up to 5 other mounts.

Lion of War Card and exchange

Lion of War Card and exchange

Alpha Lion Wings item description

The Alpha Lion Wings are for exchange only and do not drop from the chest. Need 120 chests to exchange for them.

Alpha Lion Wings item description

Alpha Lion Weapon item description

Alpha Lion Weapon item description

Alpha Lion Armor item description

Alpha Lion Armor item description

Alpha Lion Helm item description

Alpha Lion Helm item description

Anniversary Lion Chest item description

Anniversary Lion Chest item description


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  1. Wait, what!? You got beast souls out of those chests? Me and my guild assumed they were bugged, we opened thousands and got none.

    • To my knowledge nothing was bugged and thousands of people on many servers got the correct drops. But if you have some issue you can always create a ticket to their support or check the forum to see if someone has already reported that problem.
      Best of luck to you,

  2. Just my opinion, but I think WarTune found a new way of reaching into our pockets. Giving titles with full sets of clothing and the mount. Compare the stats it is giving to titles that we really had/have to work hard for.

  3. I opened 120 chests, and was lucky:

  4. I was extremely lucky with these boxes. I opened around 120 and got 3 mounts. I was in a real long dry spell. Pretty nice that these mounts are worth 600 beast souls. Now I may go forever before I get anything else again.

  5. Btw, to the people saying they didn’t get any beast souls, I suspect you did but you didn’t think you did because they don’t appear on screen when you open. I didn’t think I got any either until I went to the mount shop and noticed I had more.

  6. I opened 454 boxes at once and not 1 mount got all clothes except wings…recently I opened more which now total 500 to 550 and still no mount. So 1 in 400 boxes isn’t correct in my opinion.

  7. I have 27 more sittin in my stash now tryin to see if i’ll get lucky opening multiple. tried opening by single chest still no luck. So back to multiple.

  8. i break all records around 1500+ chests no mount 6x clothes + 400 beast souls icefyre 600+ no mount

    cloud kirin was around 800 chests no mount

    today open 300 chests for bony dragon no perma mount but 10x 7days nether skull horse

    • i feel sorry for you…is just bad luck, bad bad luck!

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