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A Real 4 Year Hero

Hey guys, while a lot of players in Wartune are enjoying the new title, 4th Year Hero, for me (COSMOS), this title has a more exact meaning, because I have indeed been playing all those years (as well as blogging and vlogging, helping players and promoting Wartune). Some of you veterans are also like me 🙂 and some of you have been following me for years, which is pretty awesome and a fun long journey we did together 🙂

I created the image below to illustrate in a fast way all the years and already from this 1 picture you can see so many things such as the changes in Wartune over the years, the changes in stats and Battle Rating, runes, medallions, new features, design and something that only older players and fans might know, which is that I had actually started playing Wartune as a mage in 2012 🙂

Another fun fact is that the title bonus from the 4th Year Hero is pretty much the entire character attack value in 2012 and 20% of the entire character attack in 2013.

Thanks again for all the friendships, dungeon runs, grinding, jokes and laughs and thanks to all the fans who have been following both me and the original Cosmos Wartune Blog, now DolyGames Wartune and our DolyGames Team with special fireworks for Elia 😛 and big special thanks to all the Patrons who are supporting us!

Hope you are enjoying your title 🙂
Hugs, Cosmos

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Thank you to those Wartune players who are supporting my work, COSMOS Wartune blog and DolyGames gaming portal & the games that I create for people to play for free.

My goal is to reach 300 PATRON SUPPORTERS to help pay my monthly costs. Currently I have 41 Patrons! (Also thanks to Patrons who supported in the past!)

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  1. 4 long and happy memories,but some are bad….but in the end this 4 years pass real quick,like your blog to this page,reading ur post,learning,thanku u for all,thank u for your hard work,thanks DG teams.

    • thank you 🙂
      yes time does fly…

  2. well, 3.5 years here, on same character. some good times, some bad times, but friendship gotten here were the best part, and lag is not that bad anymore. some events sux, some are good (outland buff till 500% realy punish small guilds, old guilds with not many server merges)

  3. march 2012 and 5,85m br and i’ve stopped for 9 months of play to wartune and later for 1 month without a mac. and in first month i’ve played to wartune very few hours. now i play in a small guild and luckly now conut very few in which guild you are. so i can play freely where i want.

    this is the my actual stats :

    i’m a free player and i was stronger of cosmos. i believe of beat you again as in past 🙂 . in some months i’ll beat again also the heavy cashers in wb as in past . 🙂

    ty for all that you have done for us dear cosmos.

    • thx 🙂

  4. Budweiser salutes….real Wartune heroes!


    • hehehe

  5. It’s hard to believe how far the game has come. 100k br use to be the top dog. We all strived so hard for that. Then reaching lvl 80 was unheard of except for the tough players. Remember vouchers or 3 mpd a day. Or when logging in was so you could just sit for hours talking to you guild and not doing anything else. Not everything has been great but i am glad i am still here

    • 🙂

  6. been here for 4 yrs…lots of fun and changes…same toon

  7. its 2 years for me 🙂

  8. If I could ask for one thing, I would like to see a list of events as they were added, as in patch 1.2 added x, 1.3 added x. No need for nothing big, just hoping to see when the events were added (particularly ToK, which was the patch I hopped in on).

    • You are asking for an accurate consolidation of patch notes over years which is not a “nothing big” task, sorry :S

  9. Remember having to “Harvest Wood” as a daily devotion exercise?

    • also amethyst and copper. i loved it as event in bounty target.

      now we have the amethyst but the rewards are expensive and ugly. nothing that we can gain only in amethyst.

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