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A little bit about me (new contributer to this blog)!

(Posted by GandalfGrey)

Hey guys, I will be a new contributor to this blog, and I hope that I can post things that will be helpful to everybody here, but first of all, let me just introduce myself. I started out as a total non casher, but when I hit level 50, I started cashing lightly, and I would still call myself a light casher.

So, as other information goes, I am a level 57 mage with a 30,385 batte rating. I hope to get my battle rating higher soon. I recently cleared that catacombs with pots, and just tried it today without pots, and almost beat it anyways! Well, enough said for now, so here are my stats!

I will soon be adding a post about the Enhanced Ruthlessness astral (floating damage). This astral is very misunderstood, so I will be explaining it.

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