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3 New Patch 7.0 Videos – Willpower Emblem, Endless Abyss & Expert Dimension

Hey everyone! In case you have not seen my YouTube uploads today I want to highlight that I uploaded 3 new videos today about Wartune Patch 7.0. These are:

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.0 – WILLPOWER Eudaemons – War Emblem, Resitance and Leveling

Here I show and upgrade the War Emblem of Angel of Light, the new Willpower Eudaemon. I also show his leveling up to max level.

Although the general system is the same there are changes specific to Willpower that are important to see.

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.0 – ENDLESS ABYSS Guide & Playthrough

Here I do a playthrough of the new location in the Titan City – the Endless Abyss. And, I also explain how it works, what the rules are and show the gameplay through 2 complete stages or levels.

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.0 – EXPERT DIMENSION – Playthrough adding to previous Dimension video

This, as the title suggests, in the 2nd video on Dimensions. It focuses on the Expert Dimension Coordinate to show new Wartune changes in it.

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  1. Answer to your statement in the much appreciated videos concerning Expert Dimensions there are in fact Basic, Expert, and Master Trials contained within the current patch expert dimensions. Grand total of 50 encounters per stage(encounters include basic, expert, master trials, discounted vendors and chests) I dont think hidden trials ergo; hidden balen mines(basic and advanced), or hidden eudaemon encounters or hidden vendors count towards the total trials per stage nor do i think they increase the deterioration rate but i will have to re-verify. Just wanted to help you wonderful people.

    • Thanks, always good when people share and help one another.
      P.S. at least for now I am the only one left as i don’t have sufficient earnings to pay the Team, so no other “people” šŸ™‚

    • If i’m not mistaken there are beginner, basic, advanced, expert and master trials in the current patch, only completing a level increases deterioration rate (capturing all towers on a level).

  2. you take volunteers who dont require pay but simply enjoy the game and people. feel free to count me in anytime i have played pretty much religiously for years and albeit i took a brief stint away am more then willing to help

    • I am more than happy to take any volunteers. If you ever want to write a short or long article or any other content please email it to me and, assuming it is made well, I would be happy to post it for everyone.
      In case you don’t know my email is cosmos at dolygames dot com.

  3. The frustrating part is that it seems like you could run into a gold gate later on and then have to go back and search EVERY square of EVERY level for a gold key. It seems like you should search the entire stage just in case you need a gold key later on. Seems overly complicated and annoying. Faster than the old dimensions but the rewards… 1 step forward, 2 steps back it would seem. We’ll have to see it in action to really know how it really handles.

    • Yes that was exactly my feeling as well. I did not like that aspect of it and on my real account i would simply stop there – no way i am going back to explore levels for a key.
      – COSMOS

    • From what I did, I think keys will stay in branching level that can be accessed though unusual portal (from the map, you would see solid branch coming out from main path). So if one needs the key, I think those level should be the first place to look. But well, yes, we need to scan the map for key (and a portal in the level that it branches out).

  4. Wish you would include commentary not just videos. While most millenials are visual learners, us old folk don’t get very much out of watching them

    • My videos are all with commentary, please make sure the sound is on.
      The entire channel is called DolyGames with Commentary.

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