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WARTUNE REBORN First Look & Video Reviews

Hey everyone! A “new” version of Wartune was launched called the Wartune Reborn, which goes back to the classical Wartune as it was during Patch 2.46. This game is launched by ProfCity and is exclusive to them and will run in parallel with the “normal” Wartune.

Wartune Reborn is especially suited for those players who love the classical version of Wartune and who have nostalgia towards the, as they say, the “good old times”.

WARTUNE REBORN First Look & Video Reviews

I have posted on DolyGames the official launch introduction article (HERE) where there is also a link at the bottom for gift codes to receive extra rewards in-game. The game was just launched and those players who want to open an account and play can do so at

I have also prepared First Look / Review 3-part video series to show the game and talk about it which I am linking below for your comfort or you can click the YouTube button to go watch on my channel.

Wartune REBORN First Look Review by COSMOS DolyGames – Part 1 of 3:

Wartune REBORN First Look Review by COSMOS DolyGames – Part 2 of 3:

Part 3 of 3:

Wartune Reborn YouTube Playlist:

Here are a couple of pictures also:

WARTUNE REBORN First Look & Video Reviews 1

WARTUNE REBORN First Look & Video Reviews 2

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  1. which sense have play on a fake old wartune? skills are added autamatically and not manually , arena 4vs4 and not 3vs3 , gem event limited and not unlimited.

    i not have time to play also here for reach in future the same situation that we have now.

    • you are probably correct.

      interesting concept though, i’m sure there are those who will enjoy it

      • i not have tried it but there are the bb ;P .

        probably wartune will add all the news here slowly as if they have started from 0.

        but i bet you’ll have mounts, sylphs, battle protection , wings , etc.

        i’ll wait for understand as will evolve. when they do a new game (or an old renewed) , they will remove the old game. not have sense keep both.

        if they will put a limit of server age , for example 2 months each server , in stead of do + 500 servers all empty. we could have + 2k players in each server and why the servers are european only? why not world? (i not have see if is changed something here). or do the events when we want (wb , guild events). if we’ll have these things and no sylphs, mounts, wings , clothes , the game will be anyway horrible

  2. so nostalgic

  3. the link u have set up is only thru FB, since I logged in to it thru profiencent city I can’t get the goody box lol but it is interesting

    • Heya, just to clarify i don’t have a choice in that, that’s the link they gave me to share to players.
      Thanks for sharing,

  4. i love it its pure nostalgy =) and it shows some of the newer players where we started … what was nice … and wat was painful ^^

  5. I cant join the server… its loading forever

    • Try a different browser ie Opera not chrome.

  6. I wanted to get vip or even just the small recharge for the gems but 3 different browsers later and i still cant.. Anyone know a fix for this please?

  7. The Gold mine :’)

  8. This is awesome 🙂 Finally a version of Wartune that is worth playing. Hopefully they only improve it and not add any new patches, ever. Just bug fixes and maybe some nicer new features like infinite HP, etc…

    • i agree

  9. You can at least get second-tier sylphs like Hercules, but no Zeus or Fusion sylphs, thankfully. The proof is that the second-tier sylph skills are in shop.

  10. i love it. thanks Cosmos for the news 🙂

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