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Wartune for Steam Platform

Hey guys, there are actions in place to get Wartune on the Steam Platform and the Wartune Team needs support from all players to vote “Yes!” for this to happen, which I also think would be great for Wartune and all the players because it would bring in more players, more competition, more discussions and, of course, more profits which can be invested into more new game features for everyone to enjoy.

How to Vote?

You can vote by going to this Steam page – click here. The voting buttons are right under the videos/screenshots. You can also add to favorites and/or follow the projects.

Update: thanks for everyone who pointed out, it seems you need to have a Steam account to vote; as I already had one I did not realize that.

What is the Steam platform?

In short: Steam is a huge and popular gaming platform which has and sells many games. There are a lot of players on Steam, so when any game is added to their platform that naturally there would be an influx of a lot of new players.

Benefits of Voting

Apart from the benefits I wrote above there are also gifts which the Wartune Team announced on their Community page, which are:

  • If we get 500 yes votes on Steam, we will send these rewards to all servers: Gold*300,000,Mahra*30,Sylph Sepulcrum*30,Fashion Core*5,Good Luck Charm*5;
  • If we get 1000 yes votes on Steam, we will send these rewards to all servers: Gold*500,000,Mahra*50,Sylph Sepulcrum*50,Fashion Core*10,Good Luck Charm*10;
  • If we get 3000 yes votes on Steam, we will send these rewards to all servers: Gold*1,000,000,Mahra*80,Sylph Sepulcrum*80,Fashion Core*20,Good Luck Charm*20;
  • If we get 5000 yes votes on Steam, we will send these rewards to all servers: Gold*2,000,000,Mahra*100,Sylph Sepulcrum*100,Fashion Core*50,Good Luck Charm*50;
  • If we get 10000 yes votes on Steam, we will send these rewards to all servers: Gold*3,000,000,Mahra*150,Sylph Sepulcrum*150,Fashion Core*100,Good Luck Charm*100.

So ya, overall a benefit to everyone with more activity, gifts for players, profits for Wartune, etc – everyone wins, so it is our, DolyGames, suggestion as well to vote “YES!” to make this happen.

One additional piece of information which may be important for current Wartune players: I have received confirmation that transfer of current Wartune accounts to Steam Platform will unfortunately not be possible. However, since there are overall benefits to everyone also the support of current Wartune players is needed so please vote.

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  1. Just a little accuracy, we need a steam account for voting. Thx for your website! there is a lot of precise and precious informations.

    • updated with that info now, thanks

  2. eh, but i must have an account in steam for vote… and who remember it? i hate do new accounts XD .

    but i gain anyway the rewards without vote?

    • sorry didn’t know, i updated the post with that information

  3. I’d be done. Not about to start from scratch and lose all the money and work i’ve put in to my toon.

    • I would not start from zero myself, i would continue to play on my account, but as I explained I think there are overall benefits which would result in improvements for our personal accounts as well
      – Cosmos

  4. xd

  5. down vote this game! these developers do not deserve more of our money

    • well I am not concerned about what they deserve, i care about improving all players experience / benefits

      • not trying to cause an argument and with all due respect…i like this game spend a lot of time on it but with the new knighthood features n the new knighthood talents i hardly see any improvement in player experience besides the game giving us a slap in the face…like your blog said if it costs 3mil balens to max,say i dont use it on the wud still cost me over 500k balens to max the othrs…that is just ridiculous for any player

  6. errr.. what is steam?? u should explain that things first -,-

    • explanation added

    • Steam is one of valve products, where a bucketload of good games (and it seems wartune wants a piece of the action too) are grouped… some arcade games even get in into Steam (since it’s easier do a download / install in steam than to release a physical installation Disk…)

  7. I created an account and it now says my account is not eligible to vote 🙁 – too many hoops to jump through for so little rewards

    • I think the reason why is because you have to spend at least $5 on the steam account to be able to do that. Not wasting my time and effort on that.

  8. Kinda disapointed, cosmos… they want money so I can use the vote option..fak steam, fak wartune, fak r2 and next you know….greedy bastards

  9. sorry, previous post – dont want to hide. Feanor -r2games s251

    • I agree with my cyber hubby. :)- WildPsycho s244

  10. they have left it far to late to do this. Players on r2servers over 600 already complane about never winning an arena battle. The game would get a rapid influx of new players who would proberly leave within a month once they realise they have zero chance of catching up even with a massive amount of balens spent. so to some up, great idea far to late

  11. Plz don’t vote.this game never honoured his players. somany ppls quit out of frustration.after seeing the rewards they offer for those yeses.its a big NoNo frm me.atleast let them deserve or earn it.Btw cosmos if u forgot even u also had hard time with publisher including sym.

    • sure many people had hard time, but that does not mean we have to keep hatred forever, that is not healthy; it all comes down to if you are playing and enjoying today then this development is good for all players
      for the people who quit they don’t care any more of course

      • it’s not hatred… it’s common sense… in fact I will do a bold prediction: Wartune will get in in steam… people will try it… people will find the honorless cashers… People will leave…

  12. Whats the benefit for the current players for steam addition? Wouldn’t the plan to be an area wide transition to the new platform. i.e start over. or am I jumping the gun…

    • no as i explained i received a confirmation from Wartune people that existing accounts will not have the possibility to move to Steam, so as i wrote I believe the benefit to current players is the influx of a lot of new players + as they get more profit then logically / hopefully they can invest more in new game features, etc, where everyone is a winner (well and gifts for all as they wrote)

      • meant shut down by area. sorry if i wasn’t clear.

      • They will invest only in their pockets NOT in players interest

        As a non -casher I have no chance of surviving on this game anymore. I prefer spend my $$ on a prosti than on a game LOL

  13. r put it any other light – If both adobe flash/fb and steam versions of the game exist. why would the devolper put any many in the old tech.

    • any money

  14. I’m not interested in helping Wartune in any way.
    I still play to kill time (not spending a single cent anymore!), but I don’t give a damn about the game or its developers/retailers, just as they didn’t give a damn about us.

    I won’t vote and advise you not to as well. The last thing I want to see if more players joining this scam fest.

  15. in case vote “yes” these rewards you said.. is no for all publiser, is sure R2game will no send any rewards or another publiser,so i dont see point to vote “yes”

    in case these rewards are only for players from Profiencity

  16. Sorry, but I am a bit confused here…If they are not letting players move over, then EVERYONE starts from zero?

    • no it is just like a new big place where people can play Wartune; all current players continue to play where they are

  17. Once they would get a solid base of players on Steam, how much resources do you think they would continue to put into the old game? They do a thoroughly inadequate job of testing new stuff before releasing it here now. I was excited about the knighthood until I read how much it would cost in balens not to mention all the advanced henna to even start it. Now it seems totally pointless except for a few very rich players. Something else to make game play totally imbalanced.

  18. lol vote for wartune I think you been smoking what your sellin do you know how realy bad this game as got vote for wartune I rather chop of both hands ..the money grabbing.. no fixin ..rewards reducing rip off merchants. that need to sort lag issues out before you try to get them on steam

  19. This has a small chance of making wartune better or at least we get a bit of a reward so no reason not to vote yes if you have a valid steam account( had spend some money on it at some point). If it all fail who cares, im not gonna play it on steam.

  20. Considering the post another try to squeeze the players wallets is about to fail… Cheers guys.. Dont let them to “to put players first” again

  21. we restrict access to certain community features until an account has spent at least $5.00 USD in Steam.

    No comments!

    • this is normal, so ppl wont make 100 accounts

  22. after creat acc on steam need use money to can vote yes ?

  23. Am glad u posted this. I have steam account for like 8 years, Paparass here. I dont want the rewards or this game keeep stealing ppl. Gonna go vote no

  24. vote: NO!

    my acc steam no need lag-tune
    my character never can get good stuff, only trash
    events? trash
    sylph x600$ = sucks
    eudaemons [mage rabbit ._.] wtf
    same events each year -boring-
    leave wartune two months ago and my life is better in another game where the skill wins and no the money

    • just for curiosity, ¿what is the name of the game?


  26. I think you need to do some editing to the last paragraph. Some players are reading this as if kabam and kong are going away and you have to start over on steam because they won’t transfer the toons.

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