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Free Balens! (Improved Update)

Hello guys, M3shyS here with a blog post guide for earning free balens! I am putting a post out here that will benefit a lot of you espeically miniclip, kongregrate, armorgames, kabam and many more.

I made a post  a while ago about  how R2 players can earn free balens through R2’s method by doing offers by advertisers. Now, I’ve found a platform that will allow anyone to get balens through Points2Shop, all I do ask you for exchange in sharing this with you is you use my sign-up link! 🙂

Here is the link, but stay around for the proof screenshots and explanation!

So, on Points2Shop you earn points (or cash) by watching videos (which were posted by advertisers, as adverts) completing surveys (real companies want your opinions on there products) playing games ( competing against other users) and much more!

Here’s a screenshot of me getting my first 1000 balens (proof screenshot of an Ultimate Game Card redemption, as you redeem this to get your balens as this is a payment method available with all wartune top-up sites, and is emailed to you directly):

Also, notice CrEaTiOnE is my author nickname used on the site, but in many cases, I am known as M3shyS!

Now, here is my account after I redeemed my Ultimate Game Card today for the launch of the new R2 Europe server!

So yeah, Points2shop can you get some nice balens, and as you can see from the first screenshot I am working towards my second Ultimte Game Card and more then 1/3 of the way there, in less then a day!

So join now and earn by watching vids, playing games and doing surveys!

Thank you guys for reading, and leave a comment below when you have got your Ultimate Game Card redeemed onto your player on Wartune!

This should be the solution to Paying Players unbalanced against Free ones!
Ty, M3shyS (saving up for wings hehe xD)

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