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Fire and Electro Sylph Skills Comic [FUN]

Hey guys, while I was doing my daily Sylph Expedition I saw this Fire and Electro Sylph (who didn’t live very long :P) who gave me a fun idea for a small comic strip, so check it out, I hope it makes you smile 🙂

Fire and Electro Sylph Skills Comics Cosmos

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  1. Hahahahaja. Genius!!!!

    • thank you 🙂

  2. love it!! LOL

    • thanks buddy 🙂

  3. You people need help leave this damn game it’s a all money grabber

    • That’s a silly comment, everything in life is a money grabber. Literally anything you do for pleasure or survival is going to cost money. People enjoy playing this game so they have no problem to spend money to enjoy more.
      – Cosmos

  4. WTF is this peace of shit lol

  5. why so serious comments cosmo is giving some humour and ur fkers give no respect

    life is all money (bills morgage car payments children etc etc etc ) deal with it

    play game for free or bitch somewhere else no 1 is making u spend

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