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Don’t Forget Extra Event Items with Stamina Blitz

Hey everyone! This is a reminder tip that occasionally Wartune adds event mini-items in blitzes (campaign, cata, necro, maze) and you can use your saved up Stamina Potions to do more blitzes during those days to gain more event items.

Extreme Stamina Potion Wartune

Here is a picture from today:

Campaign Blitz Event Item

Giving extra Redstone Rings Redstone Ring Wartune Events 13 October 2017

Wartune campaign blitz 15 Oct 2017

Cata, Necro, Maze Blitz Event Item

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  1. problem isthat the mini item give nothing of interesting.

    i do them every day but not is that change many…

  2. when you talk on exp wheel talents and aweking skills?

    would me like know them from patch 7.0 .

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