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A Unique Gift – Personalized Game

Hey guys, have you ever wanted a unique gift – to include your family/friends inside a game? I design games for people to play, laugh and enjoy and I can also personalize them for your family/friends, which would be a great / unforgettable experience! 🙂

I currently offer the games shown in the table below which you can choose from (more will be added over time). My dedicated website for Personalized Game Gifts is HERE where you can find all information (basically you can just email me (cosmos at dolygames dot com) about your order / wishes and we can come to a fair agreement).

If you love my work and want to help, you can support me by any monthly amount, $1 or more, by becoming a Patron HERE. I am happy to receive Patron’s requests to further develop games, create new ones or add things in existing ones.

Cosmos’s Catch The Family Play (100% Free)
Cosmos’s Jumping Game Play (100% Free)
Cosmos’s Rocket Shooter Survival Play (100% Free)
Cosmos’s Rocket Shooter – Customization #1 Play (100% Free)
Cosmos’s Fireball Shooter Survival Play (100% Free)


  1. You guys rlly create games. For wartune can do something about the farm when people going on the famr and taking stuff from it?

    • heya 🙂
      Well, we don’t own Wartune so we have no control on that game at all. But don’t worry about the farm stealing. Players can only steal i believe it is 10% of the farm yield and you can also steal from other farms. Just think of it as helping the needy hehehehe 🙂 it’s not really a huge amount to stress about

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