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Wartune Patch 6.5 Teaser Pics 3

Hey guys, for you: Wartune Patch 6.5 teaser pictures #3. This Wartune update is being prepared/finalized during February 2017 and is expected to be released in March 2017 for all players to enjoy.

Reference: Teasers 1 // Teasers 2 // Teasers 3 // Teasers 4 // Teasers 5 // Devotion Analysis // Teasers 6 // Teasers 7 // Teasers 8 //

Improvement – Farm Interface

(Residence is the place of doing Bonfire)

Mr. Demit & Friends Teasers

Item Teasers

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  1. Cosmos, any info on titles for ares/venus wars are added in this patch ?

    • haven’t seen anything about that

  2. Cosmo mate new gears coming or so ? Nd advanced selpo?

    • haven’t seen new equipment yet

  3. could you add a lot of photos in more? often is hard understand the prepatch and now that you can’t do the guide prepatch but only the photos, is a lot hard understand something.

    or do some videos if you can.

    • adding as fast/details as we can – we also want to make sure to keep things fun and not to get attacked ourselves (you probably don’t know all that happens in the background)

      • We(people who follow your blog) have an idea (we know how many times they blocked you and everything else). And thanks for everything, keep it at your own (safe) pace 🙂

        • Thank you Tobare

      • also with only the video and the sound of wartune , will be great. ah, an hint: move the your cursor slowly for confuse us and not do circles with it on screen for the same reason. is better put the cursor on icon/button and wait some seconds.

  4. Mr Demit, well, good thing i don’t need any horse shoes… hehehe

    Ty Cosmos/ Eliatan for all that you do, it is appreciated

    • Thanks for taking a moment to say thank you 🙂

  5. And what about the shop with talent stones?

    • sorry question is not clear, are you asking about a new shop or existing sales

  6. hmm blacksmith demit

    was he a new character?

    he does look like someone from grand theft auto 😀

  7. thank you so much :))
    im very excited

  8. Thanks for all you do to ensure we have all new details, tips on game play and upcoming events

    • Very kind of you to take a moment to thank 🙂

  9. Haha, yet another change of the farm interface! I lost count of these. Remember sylph pedestals?

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