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Wartune Fantasy Art – Flower Cloud Adventure

Hey guys, check out this Wartune fantasy art I prepared, took me a while, I hope you guys like it. Click to see the full size version for max quality.

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  1. So now free players get only fan arts and hot events which they can see from the game.. and the only usefull information is pay2view

    • sorry but a stupid comment, 1700+ free posts, 26 Patron posts
      a very ungrateful and uncaring comment 🙁
      – Cosmos

      • Most of these posts are hot events, some random games, arts or basic information thay any player should know. There are few tips i enjoyed i have to admit but why would i pay for this website rather recharge in game. I thought dolygames was a team helping the free playera but i was wrong. This website iw a pure pay2view now…

        • You are so misinformed and ungrateful for all our 5 years of work and sacrifices for you that there is no point discussing with you.

          Believe whatever the hek you want – I’m done with this disgusting conversation.

          – Cosmos

      • There are people who complain about everything. Thanks for the work.

        • Thank you

          • it is really awesome

          • thank you 🙂

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