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Videos of War of Eternity Week 1 + Week 2

Hey guys, we published 2 videos on War of Eternity (first launch in Wartune) for weeks 1 and 2 prepared by Fealindale. Check them out:

Some bullet points:

  • Dimensions help definitely. Enemies have huge RES Reductions (50k+).
  • There are lots of Friggas = get Water / Wind resistances.
  • Interesting tactical skills = Lightbringer to get into Sylph mode fast and Rage steal.
  • Getting into Sylph mode first gives you a nice advantage (e.g. due to Steal or strong damage output).

WAR OF ETERNITY – Week 1 – Diamond Group (22 May 2016)

WAR OF ETERNITY – Week 2 – Diamond Group (29 May 2016)

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  1. Too bad they allow inspiration here too. A 13M BR char with a lvl 7 inspire buff (35%), thats like 17.5M BR. He was already a mega cashier, why adding more…

    I would like to have an event where all players get a handicapt (up or down) so all have about same BR, that way we could compeat base on player skills and not just money/time, etc) Not saying all events should be like this).

  2. 1 question.

    Your friend got reflected 2 times and died. Against what he got reflected? I see there is a reflect astral but only reflect 50k top.


    • Bead of influence can reflect too

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