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Videos of Class Wars and Other – End of Aug 2016

Hey guys, check out below my Class Wars Preliminaries battle, which includes a first time ever Sylphs Wars battle (woot!):

Cosmos’s CW Prelims:

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Elia’s Odin & Tyre

Also if you missed check out this cool video by Elia on merged sylphs:

Mage CW Finals

As well as Elia’s CW Finals from earlier this month:

Character Overview

And for all those following the character overviews:

For anything else check out our channel, the easy address is!

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  1. 3240 was enough for those with high enough BR. I had too low for finals with that last 2 months. But 3375 was enough to get into knights finals with just a lil more than 8mill BR

    • Thanks for sharing

  2. Elia,

    Electric here… Tip of the hat… I know you changed resistance midstream, but our fights went so long (mostly timer), I didn’t have time to change my setup.

    • Hihi 🙂 Thanks for the awesome fights <3

  3. adding my email

  4. The above email is for Electric…

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