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Surprising Task for +5 Devotion

Hey guys, today I was short of 10 devotion to achieve 300 so I went to look at the list to see what else I could do and there were 2 options left for me, which really surprised me, so I took a screenshot to show you – check it out!

Was this added today? Were you able to complete it? :S

catch 5 pokemon for devotion Wartune

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  1. nice try Cosmos =P

    • 🙂

  2. Not even funny..

  3. It’s not even 1st April

    • and who told you that people are allowed to make jokes only 1 day from the entire year?
      * brainwashing detected *

  4. kill 5 pokemon you forgot to add)

  5. Lmao

  6. ll

  7. Ugh idiotic

  8. hmmmm and?

  9. lol and u get 300 devo for catching a legendary pokemon also

    • hehehe

  10. i’ve found a daily devotion : pay to win

    • indeed there is spend any amount 🙂

  11. And if you find Pikachu is double the rewards? xD

    • hehehe

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