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Poll Results of Opinion on Patch 4,0 Part 2

Hey guys, when the Patch 4.0 Part 2 came we asked you to give your opinion on “Do you like the new Patch 4.0 Part 2 with Red equipment, Dual Gems and Sylph Expedition?” and the answer options in this poll were:

  • Yes, love it, love it, love the new features!
  • Yes, like it but definitely don’t love it
  • No, don’t like the new features, expected more or different
  • No, I hate it, more crappy things to do

And with 181 votes we see the poll results: that 35% like it but do not definitely love it unfortunately. However, if we add the 22% who totally loved it we have 57% of players who were positive about the patch, so I think this is a good result and a job well done by 7Road / R2 on this game improvement.

The bad news is that 31% hated it, so that is certainly an area of improvement. The developers should ask themselves why 1/3rd of all people hated the update and use that learning to make better game updates. Some of the issues I already highlighted in my review article about Sylph Expedition.

And finally, 12% expected something else, which means that overall 43% were more negative about this patch / game update, which any responsible developer should certainly investigate in order to have more success in the future.

Poll Results of Opinion on Patch 4,0 Part 2

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