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New Wartune Eudaemons to Appear (Part 2)

Hey guys, in this, Part 2, article I share with you 2 new pictures of new Eudaemons which are expected to make an appearance in the next Wartune update (expected sometime in June 2017). Firstly I want to thank Hikari who shared these pictures – thanks (for the future best is to email me). Also note that it is way too early to talk about the next update yet, so this is very preliminary info – they might decide to add more or one or none at all until the update.

These look like upgraded versions of the same Eudaemon:

Eudaemon Picture #3

Eudaemon Picture #4


  • Do you like these new Eudaemon designs?
  • Do you like having more Eudaemons added to Wartune?
  • What special abilities do you think these will have?

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  1. The Eudaemon #2 look different than the one you show in other site. This one here look exactly like the First Eudaemon Picture you show.

    So what another picture from Eudaemon #2
    (Look like Angel w/ sword)

    I can tell by looking at it, here this page is smiliar to the First Eudaemon #1 cause of his Gear it wearing on & different than Second Eudaemon Gear it wearing. 🙂

  2. Both of them are the same as 1# in previous post just leveled up 🙂

  3. Why sо strange difference in the BR between 8 and 11 lvl?

    • I would not worry about that; it could simply be that they belong to 2 different people, one stronger one weaker
      – Cosmos

      • Hello))))
        When to upgrade? The number is June?

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