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How to Empty a Eudaemon slot in Kid Arena

Hey guys, in this short post I share a tip on how to empty a Eudaemon slot from your Eudaemon Arena to save time on battles. This is a video guide, but to summarize it in short:

  • Often the Eudaemon battles are a clear win or lose, so no point to waste time
  • Using 1 or 2 main Eudaemons is enough – can free the 3rd slot to speedup
  • There is no “empty” or “clear” button – only a change Eudaemon option exists
  • The tip/trick to empty is to change to a Eudaemon you don’t need and then go and sell it

Here is the video:

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  1. nice tip , ty vm for sharing :))

    • thanks for appreciating 🙂
      – Cosmos

  2. Once more you kidding…

    Who told us not to keep that many eudaemons of a kind, cause some players lost them?
    And who has tons of same kind now? Very strange….

    And ofc i can sell, but what if i dont want to waste my eudaemons?

    And the video again just a waste if time. Watching you running around headless doesn’t help.

    The tip would be done in one sentence.

    • some people spend their time to help others and some people spend their time insulting others
      – Cosmos

    • There was a bug when the new Eudaemon UI first came out that some people who had more than 5 of each Eudaemon ended up losing them. So, COSMOS warned people about the bug. He didn’t tell anyone to sell all but 1 ‘mon. It is easy to have 4 or 5 of each of the Eudaemon Shard ‘mons at all times. So selling 1 occasionally shouldn’t be a hardship.

  3. Really? Sell it?… -_-

    • Well a level one eud with no skills is pretty pointless for anything other than selling anyway

  4. Is there a change that assigns stars to a eudaemon? I just saw a backup eudaemon with 4 unfilled stars in eudaemon arena

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