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Elia’s Class Wars Videos for December 2015

It’s the last set of Class Wars videos for 2015! A big congratulations to all the winners from my cross-server section. Cyprus didn’t give up the crown for long and is back on top of the knights this month. Red•Beans♥ got her first victory over the archers; I really think this one was a long time coming. And Chilimack won the mages for a second time, eeking out Rae7 who had 14 wins also (can’t imagine who took that 15th win from him 😉 ).


Checkout all the action and my monthly character overview in the videos below!

VIDEO: Wartune Gameplay – Mage/Knight Class Wars Preliminaries (Dec. 2015)

A basic dark pet with two wind troop setup for the preliminary fights, but I get in some really nice fights with Rae7! 🙂

VIDEO: Wartune Gameplay – Mage Class Wars Finals (Dec. 2015)

For finals I decided to drop my kid and use a light sylph. I did this specifically to try to win on the timer tiebreaker (determined by most damage dealt) against Rae7 and Chilimack. I stumble against a couple players with Thor (fire+electro elemental), since I dropped a lot of fire and electro resistance in order to protect against Rae and Chili. Also, light sylphs really just don’t pack much of a punch, so it took me much longer to beat some of the weaker players in Warlord’s Hall than it usually does. I think it’s fun to change things up a bit, so I had a good time trying out Venus this time.

VIDEO: Wartune Character Overview – Eliatan (Dec. 2015)

A lengthier character overview than what I usually do, but I discuss some of the points about the decisions I made going into Class Wars Finals this month and my toon’s progress to date.

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