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Cosmos Red Sailor Clothing Outfit

Hey guys, here is a short post to share with you my current clothing design – the Cosmos Red Sailor outfit (including mount)! 🙂

Coming from the Chubby Egyptian outfit, which was more of a comical one, this one is a very clean “no sparkles” nice looking muscular design.

Cosmos Red Sailor clothing outfit room

Riding the Razor Dragon

I feel the Razor Dragon is a critical part of this outfit 😛

Cosmos Red Sailor clothing outfit riding

Do you want to share your cool or funny design?

No problem email me the pictures + a short story / info / nice name to make it fun.

Do you want to dress up same as the Cosmos’s Red Sailor outfit?

No problem, here are the items you will need:

  • Hidden wings.
  • Majestic Slayer (weapon)
  • Hawaiian Swimwear (body)
  • Griffin Cap (hat)
  • and the mount, which I feel is also important for this outfit, is the Razor Dragon

Cosmos Red Sailor clothing outfit char

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